WATCH: Biden Makes BIZARRE Claim That You Can Light Your House With Your Electric Car

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( – President Biden, speaking to union officials, their apprentices and trainees on Wednesday, noted that the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is now training “thousands of workers to build and maintain charging infrastructure for electric vehicles all across the country.”

Then he seemed to depart from his script:

“And by the way, in your home, you know, the batteries that we have now — and they’re getting more and more sophisticated. You know, a lightning storm takes out all the electricity in the house. Guess what? You can plug your car into the house and make it light up. (Laughter.)

“You think I’m joking? (More laughter.) “It’s a little simplistic, but literally you can — literally you can.”

Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said something similar last month:

“I was just at the Detroit Auto Show a couple of weeks ago,” Buttigieg said on Fox News:

“And one of the things that was very impressive about some of the vehicles that we saw, including the — for example, the pickup trucks that are on the market, entering onto the market right now, is that their power can actually flow both ways.

“So, in an extreme event, from a neighborhood resiliency perspective, they can actually work basically like a generator, except that you don’t have to have diesel ready for them. What they’re doing is, they’re using the battery capacity to power a home and, in that sense, could be very useful in a scenario like this.”

In his remarks on Wednesday, Biden also hailed colleges that are “partnering with companies to expand apprentice and pre-apprentice programs to match the trainees with mentors to provide on-the-job experience. You know, a lot of community colleges, particularly — my wife says community colleges are the best kept secret in America.  I wonder why she says that.  (Laughter.)  She’s still teaching.

“But my point is that, you know, what happened was: What do you need in the community? Go to the community college. Tell them. They’ll set up a training program with you. For m- — it’s a little more complicated, but that’s the essence of it,” Biden said.

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1 year ago

For a half hour maybe, then you have to charge it for 4!!!

1 year ago

Light your house on fire maybe