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US Govt. Sends Paid Staff To ‘Observe’ Elections Across The Country For Contested Elections In Sinister And Illegal Move

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The signal to America was Biden’s first speech in front of Congress when he said, “No Amendment is Absolute” and this is his latest attempt.

As if the presidential campaign of 2020 wasn’t polluted beyond imagination with third party players managing our elections as described by the Times Magazine, “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election”, the leaders in the “House of Representatives has developed an “illegal program” to circumvent State rights in their elections.

In May 2022, “The Election Observer Program” was established in the United States House of Representatives to ensure “Free and Fair” elections in the midterms. The Subcommittee includes Ranking Member Bryan Steil (R) WI, Chairman G.K. Butterfield (R) N.C., Teresa Fernandes (D) NM, Peter Aguilar(D) CA and undisclosed number of paid staff.  It is designed to appear bipartisan just like the January 6 Committee.

By its terms in the Constitution, Article I, Section 4, Clause 1, “The Supreme Court has interpreted the Election Clause expansively, enabling states to provide a complete code for congressional elections, not only as to times and places, but in relation to notices, registration, supervision of voting, protection of voters, prevention of fraud and corrupt practices, counting of votes, duties of inspectors and canvassers, and making and publication of election returns.2 The Court has further recognized the states’ ability to establish sanctions for violating election laws3 as well as authority over recounts4 and primaries.5” Citing the

The “Election Observer Program” believes it has broad authority of the States in the primary elections currently being conducted and per the documents released, observers are presumably in the field.  The program states the “Federal Contested Elections Act” of 1969” as its authority which clearly defies the very website.

The document of the “Election Observer Program” states, even if your state law does not permit observers or does not specifically recognize “House Election Observers”, you may not refuse entry of staff members.

Some of the alarming duties of the paid “House of Representatives” illegal observers are as follows:

  • The Committee members determine when and where the paid staff members are deployed in close races and determines party affiliation
  • Staff members are selected by the House of Representatives and paid by federal government funds
  • Observers “supposedly” have the Constitutional authority to be in the rooms where local election officials process ballots, tabulate votes, where ballots are stored, and the authority to enter non-public ballot processing centers
  • The “Election Committee” believes all authority supersedes all state law contrary to what the government’s own website outlines per past Supreme Court rulings and the Constitution

The grassroots are out in force observing the election process from poll watchers, poll judges, poll challengers, and observing drop boxes.  After the Presidential election of 2020 and all the anomalies and with no resolve, we have coalesced to ensure “Free and Fair Elections”, now the “House of Representatives” believes they can illegally meddle in States elections.

The Department of Justice launched a “Task Force to Combat Threats Against Election Workers” on July 29, 2021, that has largely gone under the radar.  The DOJ has deployed and partnered with local law enforcement at election precincts to combat threats, intimidation and will prosecute these offenses where appropriate.  The Department of Justice also issued the “2022/26 Fiscal Year Strategic Plan” which includes broad initiatives and goals that includes election strategies augmenting outside authority of the Congress and the President.

The Department of Justice’s strategy includes per their website to “evaluate a wide range of voting statutes and practices implicating ballot access to determine whether filing a new lawsuit or filing a statement or amicus brief in an existing lawsuit if appropriate.”  The DOJ has also deployed federal employees with broad authority to observe, enhance, and safeguard ballots at local precincts to ensure adherence to decades long policies. 

This is a pure assault on State election rights per our Constitution.  Be prepared for possible long, drawn out, legal battles after every close state primary election; especially if potential anomalies are identified.  In addition, we have seen the DOJ arrest and raid homes of journalists, Christians, peaceful protesters, and an Amish farmer for minor infractions or no crimes at all.  I shudder to thing the possibilities of actions taken by the DOJ regarding elections workers and ordinary citizens this election season.

Immediate Actions

  • State Attorney Generals need to send a letter to the “House of Representatives”, “Department of Justice”, and the Ranking Members of the “Election Observers Program” to cease and desist immediately citing relevant case law
  • Ordinary citizens, contact your state representatives, federally elected officials, election office officials and your county sheriffs and instruct that the “Elections Observers Program” does not have legal binding authority

Our Constitution and Supreme Court is very clear and precise about State election rights.  States have clear authority to run local elections in the time, place, and manner, including procedures, and administration without the interference of the federal government. The “Election Observer Program” and the addition of “The Department of Justice” meddling into our state’s elections is a massive overreach and boot on the neck of the States and must stop now.


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1 year ago

The Communist Democrats have declared war on the American people and this calls for their demise

1 year ago

As I see it ,there are no bi partisans in the government todaythat can be trusted as far as elections are concerned.The Communist regime today completed Obama’s destruction of our country so don’t kid yourselves.

1 year ago

*Unethical Pelosi/ Biden carrying out the Obama schemes.*

*i would put absolutely nothing against them.*
“in the State of GA the Dirty “D” have used a Billion $ in Slander against the R candidate for Senate”

REAL Election integrity Pelosi while U rake in millions daily Insider Trading,

*Staying in Power is their only intention.*

*Absolutely the Dirtiest most unethical group in World History,*

1 year ago


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1 year ago

It is getting harder and harder to trust or believe any politician any more. They are doing it to themselves, but it seems like they don’t really care as long as they have enough people that believe them.

1 year ago

We need the REAL President back in the White House!