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Democrats Introduce Bill To IMPRISON Parents Who ‘Misgender’ Their Own Children

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Democrats have pledged to use recently amended “child abuse” legislation to arrest and jail parents who misgender their own children.

Delegate Elizabeth Guzman, a Democrat from Virginia, plans to introduce a bill in the state’s forthcoming fall session that would include parents who refuse to use gender identity in the manner that their children demand as child abuse. reports: In other words, if you are a parent in Virginia, your kids have the power in the household.  All they have to do is say they are trans and if you do not obey then Child Protective Services can get involved.

The bill would make misgendering of children a misdemeanor or possible felony.  Guzman clarifies:  

“If the child shares with those mandated reporters, what they are going through, we are talking about not only physical abuse or mental abuse, what the job of that mandated reporter is to inform Child Protective Services (CPS)…That’s how everybody gets involved. There’s also an investigation in place that is not only from a social worker but there’s also a police investigation before we make the decision that there is going to be a CPS charge.”  

When asked by the local reporters whether she isn’t “criminalizing parents” as many Republicans argue, Guzman answered:

“No, it’s not. It’s educating parents because the law tells you the do’s and don’ts…So this law is telling you do not abuse your children because they are LGBTQ.”

When countered with arguments from people who call for religious freedom, Guzman makes the typical leftist response:

“The Bible says to accept everyone for who they are. So that’s what I tell them when they asked me that question, and that’s what I will continue to tell people.”

First, in terms of legal definitions, there is no scientific indicators of what makes a child or anyone else “trans.”  Thus, there is no way to prove in a court of law that a parent “abused” a “trans child” because there is no way to prove a child is trans.  Beyond the extremely tiny percentage of people that have the mental illness known as Gender Dysphoria, which requires years of psychological therapy to designate, objective proof of trans identity does not exist.

Second, a child’s hurt feelings are not grounds for CPS to intervene in parental rights.  

Third, the trans identity movement is not a civil liberties movement, it’s a political movement.  LGBT people have the same exact legal rights as everyone else.  What the trans movement wants is extraordinary powers and special treatment.  They want the ability to dictate other people’s speech and behavior according to their whims.  This is unacceptable.

Fourth, it is not the purpose of the law to “educate parents.” It’s not the job of the government to educate parents.  The government and the bureaucrats that infest it are not qualified to give parenting advice.  It is the job of government only to protect the rights of citizens as outlined in the Constitution.  Gender pronouns and personal feelings are not constitutionally protected.  

Free speech is protected, though.  

Fourth, Guzman appears to be unfamiliar with the Bible, because there is a list of behaviors in that book that are prohibited.  We might not all agree with every item on that list, but “accepting everyone” is absolutely not a religious requirement.  Some people and behaviors should not be accepted, because they lead to the decline and downfall of civilization.  Thousands of years of observation have taught us this, but leftists believe they know better. Children dictating to their parents is on that list, along with enabling the mentally ill and putting them in positions of authority.  

One would hope that Elizabeth Guzman and ideological zealots like her will be swiftly removed from office as soon as possible, but it is likely that America will have to suffer through more of their insanity before people are finally fully fed up.

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1 year ago

Democrats shouldn’t have children or be anywhere near children ever.