WATCH: Our Historic First Gay/Black Press Sec. Left Stammering When Asked By Reporter When Inflation Reduction Act Would Begin Working

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Whenever writing about the first gay and black Press Secretary, it feels necessary to almost reminisce about Jen Psaki. Sure, Chuckie was manipulative, cruel, and pandering – but at least she was good at lying to us every day. She knew her job and she was good at what she did, however heinous her words were.

The same cannot be said of Biden’s many diversity hires (Kamala, Ketanji, Karine – wait, why do they all start with a K?). Karine Jean-Pierre, for whom Tucker Carlson might have the best pronunciation in the business, right up there with his accentuated Don Lemon, is utterly clueless and hopelessly outmatched each and every day.

We all saw this coming a mile away, and no, it wasn’t because she’s gay and black. But, it’s because she reminded us that she’s gay and black. With woke credentials like those, she summarized the reason why she was hired. And it is glaringly obvious she was not decided based on merit.

Peter Doocy might have been the lone voice of reason under Psaki, but KJP’s ineptitude is so shockingly painful that others in the room have begun to pounce as well. Watch as someone not named Doocy asks a very basic question regarding Joe Biden’s touted Inflation Reduction Act and when its massive price tag might translate into the intended effect.

Side note: Spending billions, if not trillions of dollars, will decidedly not reduce inflation, but let’s hear her out:

The journo begins by asking: “Can you give us a timeline? You’ve laid out eloquently what the President’s been doing? Is there a timeline for when Americans can start feeling some economic pain relief?”

And this is when KJP once again stumbles and stammers. For one, she has to know she’s lying. For another, she isn’t smart enough to speak to macroeconomic issues. And for a third, even if she did know she wouldn’t be able to articulate it coherently and honestly.

Take it away, Karine:

“So in regards to the inflation Reduction Act, uh, early next year, they will see, uh, some of the, uh, some of the, uh, pieces of that when he thought think about in energy costs when you think about, uh, uh, the, uh, Medicare kind of benefits from that.

“So we’ll see, uh, some movement on that early next year. But, when we talk about inflation, gas prices, that’s been something that’s, uh, the American people, uh, have seen for the past several months, several weeks and has as cost has been coming down. And the hearing aids that I just laid out, that’s something that once I have, uh, a clear timeline will that Americans are going to see that I’ll share with you on all of that, but…”

Um, what? Could she struggle for words more? In other words, vote Democrat in a few weeks because all of that pain at the pump and in the grocery store will be fixed after the elections!

Despite the fact sane people predict a continued rise in interest rates will bring housing prices and potentially the stock market down, and the aforementioned reason that pumping trillions of new dollars into an already-inflated economy can only worsen high prices, somehow we are supposed to just believe that the magic of quantitative easing will come into fruition conveniently after ballots are tallied in a race mostly being decided on the economy. Got it.

There is gaslighting, and then there is KJP’s explanations. I started by saying Jen Psaki was smart; she was also smart to bail on this calamitous trainwreck of an administration before going up in flames with it. And KJP thought people were doing her a favor. All Biden did was use a gay, black woman to prop up his street cred among a radical leftist base and torch her career.

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1 year ago

After the DEMONKRAP leave office!!!