WATCH: JD Vance Humiliates Tim Ryan In Ohio Debate For Accusing Him Of Peddling The Great Replacement Theory

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Last night JD Vance and Tim Ryan went head to head again in their second debate in Ohio.

During the debate Tim Ryan accused JD Vance of peddling the great replacement theory and that’s when Vance jumped in and destroyed Tim Ryan for it.


Vance really let Ryan have it, saying that when people like Tim Ryan slander him as a racist, then his three biracial children get attacked by scumbags both online and in person. Vance said you can believe in a border and a country without being a racist.

I wasn’t able to watch last night’s debate but if it went anything like this clip, then I’d say JD Vance won with flying colors.

Just to point out, as of a few days ago the polls in Ohio still put Vance ahead but it’s really close:



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