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WATCH: Methodist Pastor Brings In Drag Queen To Preach The Word Of God To Children

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Wolves have infiltrated the church in large numbers and church leaders across the globe seem to be silent about it.

A disturbing video of a drag queen “preaching” to children is just one of the many examples of how the church has been infiltrated by deceiving spirits.

In the video, a woke Methodist pastor allows a Drag Queen named Miss Penny Cost (a play of words on the Biblical event Pentecost) to talk to two little girls.

To conclude the woke pastor misuses the Bible verse Romas 12:2 “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Instead of the pastor saying ‘we should be like Christ and not like the world,’ the pastor suggests we should renew our minds to accept the far left’s agenda.

Watch the demonic moment here:

Not the Bee had these details to share:

The spirit of the world is hypersexualized fetishes like drag. But this “pastor” says that putting aside those silly old things like, you know, the eternal and unchanging Word of God, helps us be transformed

I’m just going to say it: This pastor has been handed over to Satan, is in danger of the fires of hell, and will likely bring his flock with him.

If you’re wondering, the drag queen’s name is “Ms. Penny Cost,” like Pentecost, where the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles, and he calls himself a “Dragavangelist.”

I can guarantee that a spirit has indeed descended on that man, but it isn’t one from God.

The “god” this pastor and the drag queen serve has nothing to do with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

So often in the Bible, we wonder how the Israelites could abandon the God who had miraculously saved them so many times. How could they be so stupid as to start worshipping Moloch and Asherah and the Baals?

Well folks, you’re looking at exactly how it happened. They didn’t think they were really worshipping a different god. They blended together their worship with demonic pagan beliefs and convinced themselves they were doing what was right and that they were worshipping the LORD Almighty.

Drag queens and the LGBTQ agenda have completely infiltrated the church just take a look at some of these tweets:

Not every pastor is condoning this satanic behavior in the church, Pastor EW Jackson has called out the debauchery:

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1 year ago

Not a pastor, a pasture!
You know where the animals KRAP!

1 year ago

A pastor is to a priest like a social worker is to a psychiatrist

1 year ago

These denominations/sects have departed from the truth long ago. God is calling His true followers from these harlots.

1 year ago
Reply to  Pierce


1 year ago

Proof that pastors just make things up as a they go