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WATCH: Gen. Petraeus Admits US & NATO WANT War with Russia To Bring On WWIII

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General Petraeus (Be-tray-Us) admits the US and NATO want war with Russia. He should say the US and Poland want war with Russia. Other countries don’t. He says there is nothing Russia can do to win at this point, and they are losing on the battlefield. It is clear that the US and NATO want war with Russia.

The US will never agree to peace with Russia.

He claims we will have a US/NATO response to Russia if Russia uses tactical nuclear weapons.

I think the US will keep poking the bear until the full-scale war begins.

At one point, he says, “if tactical nukes are used by Russia, we will stop them from using nukes by using regular tactical missiles.”

What? Did he really say that?

That is what will bring on World War III, and the US is gunning for it. We’re not so sure the EU wants it. Germany clearly doesn’t, but they’re now vassals of the US with Nordstream blown up.

Petraeus is a member of the trilateral commission. He’s gone to the dark side.

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1 year ago

the only way the DEEPSTATE GLOBALISTS can retain power is WAR!!!

1 year ago

Not much confidence in Petraeus since he took the bait from that so called biographer just for some sex. He was a fool and for a career officer in the middle of a war to get suckered like that destroys his credibility. But the this is Obama 2.0 and Obama has always hated America.

John A OwenD
John A Owen
1 year ago

 “…. the US and NATO want war with Russia.” These fools at NATO don’t get it! Russia has 6000 Nuclear warheads with at least half aimed at 3000 major cities and towns across Europe and the other 3000 aimed at the US and Britain. Which part about MAD don’t discredited fools like Petraeus fail to grasp?