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Supreme Court’s New Justice Jackson Brown Tangles With Justice Gorsuch In Humiliating Display That Exposes Her As An Affirmative Action Pick

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Social Justice Warrior Ketanji Brown Jackson, the newest US Supreme Court justice- who was placed on the high court because she fit the affirmative action requirements- is proving what a ‘resist activist’ judge is all about. She apparently wants to resist civility.

On the first day of the new session for SCOTUS, Jackson got into a heated debate with fellow Justice Neil Gorsuch.  She caused the dust-up during her first oral argument appearance, coming out of her box ready to brawl with Conservative justices.

The left felt, who have hounded Conservative justice Clarence Thomas for decades, beamed proudly that Jackson’s domination of the court time was really special since her appointment is so historical as a radical far, left Black female justice.

The hypocrisy and media bias is stunning.

The case before the justices is Sackett v. Environmental Protection Agency, which is also known as Sackett II, and is related to the scope of the Clean Water Act.

According to the EPA, the 1972 Clean Water Act (CWA) “establishes the basic structure for regulating discharges of pollutants into the waters of the United States and regulating quality standards for surface waters.”.

The radical left is highly protective of the EPA’s massive centralized authority over Americans. Left leading Mother Jones reported recently about the SCOTUS hearing, “The Supreme Court May Be Poised to Blow Up the Clean Water Act. The pending case could eliminate protections for 80 percent of southwestern streams.”

Many people consider the Usurpations of our Republic by the left using the EPA to be nothing more than a false claim of protecting animals and lands while treating American citizens as a burden to the Earth.

So the radical far left is very worried. No wonder Jackson was ready to fight for the EPA.

The EPA has long abused land owners and business owners with oppressive and burdensome regulations to support a radical far-left agenda while keeping Americans from applying their Constitutional rights to ownership.

Sackett asks if the federal government has the authority to protect certain wetlands for environmental protection, and it took, Jackson, the new justice less than 8 minutes to get involved and have her voice heard on the matter.

And she wasn’t polite about it either, as reported by Carmine Sabia for Conservative Brief:

“Justice Gorsuch argued that some land owners could be fined for unknowingly building on protected lands.

“So if the federal government doesn’t know, how is a person subject to criminal time in federal prison supposed to know?” Gorsuch said.

Justice Brown Jackson attempted to interrupt Justice Gorsuch but was unsuccessful, but did speak after him.

“Is there a process by which a homeowner can ask?” Jackson said.

“Deputy US Solicitor General Brian Fletcher, who spoke for the EPA, said that they could and that the Army Corp of Engineers will do a jurisdictional determination at no cost to the land owner,” Sabia reported.

“So you’re not really facing criminal liability without the opportunity to get an assessment from the government regarding your particular circumstances?” she said.

Damien Schiff, an attorney for the Sacketts, said there was an expense in hiring environmental consultants and that it was a hassle to check to see if the land they are building on is protected.

“I thought they went into it knowing this might be a wetland,” she said, again interrupting.

The attorney said that an assessment was done by a previous owner that determined the land was a wetland but that his clients did not know it.

“Shouldn’t they have gathered information about the property prior to purchasing it?” she said.

“You keep talking about notice and fair notice and property owners not being able to tell or know about this issue,” the Justice said. “I’m just trying to clarify with respect to the Sacketts — there seems to have been a prior determination that the land was wetland before they bought it. And whether or not they knew, they could have known, I presume, so why is this unfair in this situation with respect to the government now asserting that authority?”

He said that the prior assessment had expired as he centered his arguments on federalism and state’s rights.

“Why is it that your conception of this does not relate in any way to Congress’ primary objective?” she said. “Do you dispute that the primary objective stated in the statute…is that Congress cared about making sure that the chemical, physical and biological integrity of the nation’s waters was protected?”

While directed at Schiff, her point summed up the general critique of the right-wing justices’ handling of agency cases: ignoring the spirit of the law in favor of parsing the language of the statutes to conclude that Congress wasn’t specific enough in the text. The nondelegation and major questions theories, increasingly favored in the conservative legal sphere to weaken agencies and their ability to regulate, rest on such readings of laws that disregard Congress’ attempts to empower agencies if they don’t meet some amorphous standard of specificity.

Some of Jackson’s conservative peers seemed to be taking that route again, including Gorsuch, who suggested that EPA’s methods to determine which wetlands are protected are opaque and arbitrary. If they can muster enough votes within the six-person conservative supermajority, they’re likely to narrow the definition of which wetlands rate federal protection, which EPA warns will leave them — and the waterways they connect to — vulnerable to pollution and contamination.

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1 year ago

Affirmative action College brainwashed Communists are not what should sit in the courts

1 year ago

One STUPID Black BEACH. Only got on the bench not for being best qualified but she is a Affirmative Action. And she is going to go up against a well educated justice and a PhD to boot. Where the hell was she in college rankings, law school, LOSER BEACH but hey show me anywhere where a darkie has done great, oh few exceptions only because they refuse to be in a task that they cannot do good at.

1 year ago

Thats good, because BLACKS ate only 13 % of the population!
So we need to make some Big changes at NFL, NBA, TELEVISON SHOWS AND MANY OTHER AREAS!!!
They need to be replaced with whites and hispanics, 66% white 20% hispanic!
Giter dun BEEATCH !!!

Aime Hart
Aime Hart
1 year ago

Be happy this case doesn’t require the definition of woman to go forward….