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BREAKING: The Space Force Has Taken Over ALL Military Satellite Communications

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Space Force has officially taken over all of the Department of Defense’s military satellite communications.

Both the Navy and the Army have transferred their satellite operations to Space Force.

The move by the military marks the first time that military satellites have been under the control of one branch of the military.

This is massive news considering back in 2020, Trump made Space Force an official branch of the military, and now many people are speculating the move will be followed by a total blackout.

The Denver Gazette had more details to share:

The Space Force has taken over all of the Department of Defense’s military satellite communication functions, a major step in building the new service.

The Navy and the Army have transferred major satellite communication operations to the Space Force in an effort to consolidate training, operations, acquisition and other activities, according to a news release. The transfer marks the first time all military satellite communication functions have been consolidated under a single military service.

The Army’s transfers were expected to include $78 million in operations, maintenance and 500 positions, the release said. As part of the consolidation, the Army transferred the Wideband Global SATCOM and Defense Satellite Communications System to the Space Force in August. The Wideband Global SATCOM system is considered the “backbone of the U.S. military’s global satellite communications,” according to the Space Force.

The move by Space Force comes around the same time the “Q” account on Truth Social wrote a Truth that stated, “Time for a Starlink. Xfinity is wildin”.

This led the Praying Medic to have this explanation to share about the “Q” post:

Thoughts on the @Q starlink post:

We don’t know who operates the @Q account, but it appears to be someone close to President Trump.

We believe Trump and his team are communicating important messages to us through several social media accounts.The messages are intentionally obtuse so as not to make their plans obvious to their enemies. But anons tracking the comms are given glimpses of the plan.

The @Q post appears to be a random message comparing two internet service providers– starlink and xfinity. I think the comparison may be a diversion.

In our discussions about the possibility of an Internet shutdown, many people are expecting Elon Musk’s Starlink to be a workaround. Trump knows that some people have this expectation. I suspect that the use of the word ‘starlink’ is a hint that we’re on the right track about a coming internet shutdown.

(I’m not convinced that the starlink network itself will be the solution. I still lean toward a proprietary internet operated by military intelligence with portals accesable to the public, but I may be wrong.)

Governor Ron DeSantis has already encted starlink in Florida:

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1 year ago

GOOD start, but until they have CONTROL of the the deepstate SES, COMPUTERS AND SATELLITES.
We are not SAFE!!!

Leo Gessford Jr.
Leo Gessford Jr.
1 year ago

Too bad starlink speeds suck, compared to xfinity. Let me know when I can get 1G starlink.

1 year ago

Who thinks this is a good idea? Sounds like the start of the Terminator movies, when Skyforce took over everything and then the computers pulled a fast one on da humans.