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WATCH: Spain’s Minister of ‘Equality’ Says Children Have The Right to ‘Consent’ to Sexual Relations with ‘Whomever They Want’

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Irene Montero, Spain’s “Minister of Equality,” faced severe backlash at a recent meeting where she said children “have the right” to have sexual relations with “whomever they want” – so long as it’s “consensual.”

“She framed her argument as freeing children to be able to “get to know their own bodies” with adults, if that is how they choose to express their own sexuality,” Natural News noted.

“… but to talk about sex education, for example, which is a right of boys and girls, Madam Deputy – regardless of who their families are. Because all the boys, the girls, the ‘childrenx’ of this country have the right, have the right to get to know their own bodies,” Montero said at the meeting.

“To know that no adult can touch their body if they do not want them to,” she continued.

“If they do not want them to, and that that is a form of violence.”

“(Children) have the right to know that they can love or have sexual relations with whomever they want to – based, of course, on consent. And these are acknowledged rights that they have. And that you don’t like,” she said.


From Turning Point USA:

Many Deputies on this committee were understandable outraged by her statements, and are wondering where she fell under the idea that children have the ability or “right” to consent. Montero’s was quickly met with fiery and sharp backhanded comments. Carla Toscano, Deputy for the conservative party, Vox, stated: “This is corruption of minors and apology for pedophilia.” Finally, some common-sense.

A child does not have the ability to consent to relations with an adult, it is not within their rights as a minor, despite the Equality Minister’s comments. Legally speaking, any adult who engages in a sexual act with a minor (anyone under 16 years of age in Spain, which is still unbelivably young) is subject to Article 181 of the Spanish Penal code, “Whoever offends against the sexual freedom of another person, using violence or intimidation, shall be punished for sexual assault with a sentence of imprisonment from one to five years.”

Considering the wild and outrageous claims made by Montero, many Spanish families with are now feeling alarmed, and rightfully so. There are still so many parents who do not want their children exposed to these wildly radical “progressive” new policies.

Natural News offered additional commentary:

You will notice that Montero created a brand-new word, childrenx, that apparently identifies children who are sexually attracted to, or willing to engage in sexually activity with, adults.

It is a deviation of the similar word Latinx, which is another leftist buzzword to describe LGBT-identifying people of Latin American descent, including Mexicans and other Hispanics.

The left is really trying hard to include pedophilia as just another letter in the LGBT-plus category of sexual deviancy, or as just another color on the LGBT “rainbow” (which only has six colors in its original form compared to the seven colors found in a real rainbow).

After receiving massive backlash for her statements, Montero tried to claim that she was simply misunderstood and was not actually promoting pedophilia. This is what these types of people often do when challenged to a greater degree than expected.

In this case, Montero may have assumed that her words would not end up going viral around the world, so she later tried to play the that’s not what I said! card.

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david russell
david russell
1 year ago

Children are not expected to act responsibly by society now. Parents are given responsibility for their children’s behavior. Freedom without responsibility is chaos. The one responsibly of govt above all else is to prevent chaos.

1 year ago

This is just another way to make pedophilia acceptable. It amazes me that people even listen to her spew her garbage.