Kremlin Spokesman Points Finger At The U.S. — Declares Nord Stream Pipeline Explosion Was ‘Terrorist Act’ By A ‘State Power’

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According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, the harm done to the Russian Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines could only have been caused by a “terrorist act” by a “state power.” Peskov called a CNN story that indicated Russia blew up its own pipelines “stupid” and “agenda-driven.”

While it is now difficult to establish for sure what happened to the pipelines, Peskov said in a Thursday press conference that “the scale of destruction indicates that it really was a [terrorist] act.”

“It’s very hard to imagine that such a terrorist act could have happened without the involvement of some state power,” he said.

Peskov was also asked to comment on a CNN report, which cited anonymous US intelligence officials claiming Russian warships were spotted not far from the offshore gas leaks on Monday and Tuesday.

“This area is the Baltic Sea. Plenty more flying, floating and other seaborne vehicles belonging to NATO countries were observed there,” Peskov insisted, describing the report as “stupid” and “agenda-driven.”

After the Nord Stream operator reported a loss of pressure on Tuesday, Denmark found leaks from the gas pipes that connect Russia to Germany. Later, according to Danish and Swedish police, a number of underwater explosions were discovered close to the Baltic Sea island of Bornholm.

Russia, the US, the EU, and Sweden all made suggestions that the leaks may have been the product of an intentional action as a result of this. High-level allegations have not been made, but some European and Ukrainian officials have hurriedly accused Russia, claiming that Moscow may have staged the suspected pipeline damage as a “false flag” operation to malign Kiev and raise EU energy prices.

Peskov responded to those claims on Wednesday, calling them “absurd” and pointing out that the leaks were “a big problem” for Russia. He reiterated that the US has been recently making “super-duper profits” from supplying LNG to Europe and stands to gain from continuing with those deliveries.

The Biden administration has also been threatening for months to put an end to the Nord Stream pipelines.

Sweden said on Thursday that its coast guard had discovered another – fourth – breach in the Nord Stream pipelines.

According to Danish estimates, gas will continue leaking into the Baltic Sea until the end of the week.

Meanwhile, Germany’s Tagesspiegel, citing “government circles,” has reported that the damage suffered by the pipelines could be irreparable.

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John A OwenD
John A Owen
1 year ago

The sabotaging of the Nord Stream Pipelines by a foreign power is an Act of War against the Russian people and needs a very tough response. Attacking Putin and Russian oligarchs is one thing but attacking the pipelines is just a terrorist act! The frontrunner for this atrocity is the Biden Crime Cabal and whatever Russia decides in retaliation will rest squarely on Biden’s head!