WATCH: News Camera Catches Scary Moment Young Boy Nearly DROWNS Trying To Cross Rio Grande Into TX… But There’s No Border Crisis According To Biden

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“Dude that kid is drowning man, you better get him.” Those words are heard as a camera captures the near-drowning of a young boy trying to cross the Rio Grande into Eagle Pass, Texas just a short time ago.

Fox reporter Bill Melugin shared the scary, tragic clip that’s an indictment of our system. This is what the wealthy liberal elite Democrat donors and their pet NYC lawyers in Martha’s Vineyard don’t give a damn about.

Earlier in the day, Melugin, who is both performing a service for America and doing his duty as an ACTUAL journalist, had more footage from Eagle Pass.’

The liberal elites do not care. They are actually trying to make the cushy flights to Martha’s Vineyard into the trains to Auschwitz, while people are dying in Texas and Florida EVERY SINGLE DAY thanks to the policies those liberal elites support from their island mansions.

It’s hard to contain the rage at this.



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