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WATCH: CNN Goon Goes On WILD Tirade Comparing Gov. DeSantis To HITLER Because He Sent Illegals to Martha’s Vineyard

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CNN had on Ken Burns to talk about his film about Hitler and then made a comparison between DeSantis and Hitler.


Berman, who took the discussion toward DeSantis after the news of him sending illegals to Martha’s Vineyard, said:

“I’m not saying — this is not a one-for-one, this is not a parallel here in any way, but it does address some of the same themes …”

Right. So it’s not a parallel with Hitler in any way, except for the Nazi-like themes. Uh huh.

Ken Burns responded claiming what DeSantis did was authoritarianism or something:

“This is coming straight out of the authoritarian playbook. This is what is so disturbing about DeSantis, to use human beings, to weaponize human beings for a political purpose.”

You want to talk about disturbing? Biden refuses to secure the border and because of it many women and girls are raped as they travel to the border. Some are even left for dead. Some are human trafficked into sex slavery. All because Biden won’t do his damn job and secure the border.

More and more fentanyl is being trafficked across the border, which is killing more and more young people.

And don’t forget, the entire reason Biden is allowing all of this to happen is for POLITICS. He and his liberal buddies are using these illegals to try and make red states blue. That’s what this is all about.

Lastly, Biden has been transporting illegals to other cities around the country since he’s been president. So why is it bad that all of a sudden Abbott and DeSantis are doing the same thing???



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1 year ago

Let’s find out where Ken Burns lives and send him a bus or two.