The Groomers Are SCARED: Libs of TikTok Just Exposed A Hack WaPo Reporter Who Asked Her For Comment Then BLOCKED Her

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(The Post Millennial) Washington Post staff writer Peter Jamison wrote an attack on Chaya Raichik, who operates Libs of TikTok, on Friday and reached out to her directly for comment. After Raichik agreed Jamison published the article without her input, later reached out a second time to say he would update the story with her comments, and then he blocked her within the same day.

On Friday, Raichik wrote, “Unreal. WaPo’s @PeteJamison reached out for comment and I responded 12 minutes later agreeing to an interview. He then published it hours later without responding to me until after publication! Now he’s saying he can update the story with my comments. That’s not how this works!”

She posted screenshots of the exchange between the two. At 2:10 pm Jamison direct messaged her and asked if she was “available to talk.”

At 2:22 pm Raichik replied that she would do the interview so long as she could record it and publish it as she pleased.

At 5:57 pm he asked what was a good number to reach her, but by then the piece was published.

Raichik called him on it and he said he missed the tweet. He then blocked her.

In his hit piece, he said, “Raichik immediately agreed to an interview on the condition that she be allowed to record it. But after learning The Post had missed that response and published the story before an interview could be arranged, she stopped communicating with The Post and expressed outrage on Twitter.”

Raichik also said, “HAHAHA now they issued a “clarification”. One would think if you’re writing up a whole piece on someone you would monitor your messages to see if they responded to your request for comment. It wouldn’t have even taken long. I responded 12 minutes later!”

Ashley St. Clair commented on Twitter and said “If you thought Washington Post and @PeteJamison’s journalistic integrity couldn’t get any worse, he followed up with Chaya (Libs of TikTok) about doing an interview and then proceeded to block her before she could respond! You can’t make this up. @washingtonpost is pure trash.”

Taylor Lorenz contributed to the hit piece. Lorenz doxed Raichik in April.

In June, the “Democracy Dies in Darkness” paper was called out for lying about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and was forced to retract and correct its story.


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