Man-Hating Woman Goes On Murderous Rampage Against ‘Abusive’ Male Family Members, Fatally Shoots Herself

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(The Post Millennial) A Lynn, Massachusetts woman allegedly went on a shooting spree against her own family on Tuesday before fatally shooting herself, alleging that the three male family members she shot had been abusive towards female family members.

Khosay Sharifi allegedly shot and killed her father, brother-in-law, and father-in-law and wrote on social media that all three men had been abusive or enabled abuse before shooting and killing herself.

“Several months ago, I found out that my sister has been abused by her husband for 14 years (since they first met). He has choked her, slapped, kicked, swore at her & the most recent a year and a half ago has punched her in her face,” Sharifi wrote on her Facebook wall. “My father has also been abusive before & verbally but mostly financially abusive to my mom from what I’ve personally witnessed.”

According to the Daily Mail, 31-year-old Sharifi first shot and killed her 66-year-old father, Mohamad Sharifi, and her brother-in-law, 34-year-old Sanjar Halin at her family’s home on Rockaway Street. The shooting happened a little before 3 pm and the gunfire caused neighbors to immediately call police as they reported over 20 shots fired.

At 3:06 pm, Khosay Sharifi, who worked as an optician, posted a message about the men on her facebook while police were en route.

In her post, Sharifi said that her family and her sister’s extended family knew of the abuse and did nothing.

“My parents & his parents knew all these years but have not really done much but say ‘work it out’ ‘what will people say if you separate’ or even victim blaming.”

“There’s no excuse for what he did,” she continued, “He kept doing it because no one did anything about it. How long did he think he would get away with it? They don’t realize that abuse can affect someone not just physically but also mentally. No form of abuse is ok.”

Her twin sister’s husband’s father, 56-year-old Abdul Halin, was within a one-mile radius on nearby Leighton Street. She drove to his location and found him idling in his minivan and then started shooting, killing him as well.

She asked her sister not to pass the cycle of abuse on to her children and wrote, “To my sister: I hope you start healing & actually teach your daughters that abuse is not ok as they have also witnessed him slap you. I asked how they felt about that & they said they were scared & didn’t know what to do. Let’s not pass this on to your kids as it has been passed on to you.”

The New York Post reports that she then drove to a Stop and Shop parking lot about a mile away and fatally shot herself. She was found an hour later.

Of her mother, Sharifi said, “she’s a victim too. But that’s no excuse, how can you let your own daughter get abused.”

She ended her message with, “Also, don’t force me to be with the wrong person just for the sake of marriage. This whole mindset of ‘just work it out’ needs to change because it is not healthy. I will not deal with this nonsense.”


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1 year ago

In the old country, this probably did not occur because of social norms.
Once the ladies come to America, they change into Western women and the clash of culture is born. The women probably said/did something a bit too feministic (Western womanish) and the men (non-Western) tooled them up a bit for each occurance?

It would have been much more elucidating if she gave some examples of to what the alleged abuse was a response. I do not think it was because the women were breathing.

Future courts will have to determine how many-beat downs equal a death because the men, though they may have been a bit abusive (from the examples), the women are still here; the men are not.

1 year ago

Islam favors abuse toward females.

Alpin ThuesonD
Alpin Thueson
1 year ago

Should have stayed in Pakistan or where ever….

Last edited 1 year ago by Alpin Thueson