California Mocks Uvalde Massacre With Disgusting Billboards And BEGS Texans To Move To Cali

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Uvalde, Texas, was the scene of an attack by a lone gunman that left 21 people dead. The tragedy claimed the lives of 19 students and two adults.

The gunman was killed by police, but only after a long wait while commanders decided what to do.

It was just two days before summer break, according to Robb Elementary’s calendar, that the attack occurred. School classes were taught between grades 2 and 4, and about 600 students attended.

Now leftists in California are using the tragedy in an attempt to scare people from moving to Texas.

California residents have been urged not to move to Texas via bizarre billboards after the Uvalde school shooting.

FoxPoint Media advertisers leased one billboard at the intersection of Folsom and 7th Street in San Francisco, while more were seen in Los Angeles. A hooded and sunglasses-wearing man appeared in the advertisement, which referenced the May school massacre in Uvalde that killed two teachers and 19 children.

‘The Texas Miracle Died in Uvalde. Don’t move to Texas,’ its creepy message read.

“The slogan, ‘The Texas Miracle,’ highlights the former Lone Star state governor, Rick Perry, who managed to ‘boom’ the state’s economy during the Great Recession in 2008,” according to the Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, the prideful motto, ‘Don’t mess with Texas,’ stemming from an anti-littering campaign in 1986, was seen crossed out on the billboard.

‘Are these people happy that Uvalde happened?’ an angered social media critic said as some called the message a ‘disgusting use of political propaganda’ for ‘using the tragedy to their advantage.’

Others demanded to know who put up the sinister postings.

‘The anti-gun Californians are exploiting one of the worst tragedies of the year to deter people from moving to Texas—despite having their own tragedies and some of the strictest gun laws in the country.’ a shocked resident said.

‘Right. Because there’s definitely no violent crime in California,’ a person sarcastically stated.

The convoluted efforts were criticized by others: ‘What kind of low-life, sick-minded trash of a human being thinks these bulletin boards are ok?.’

In the meantime, another man said, ‘Anything, and I mean ANYTHING, that keeps Californians out of Texas I am in favor of.’

The billboards, which were posted without attribution, reflect the rivalry between Newsom and Abbott, as Californians flee the socialist-run state.

“About 280,000 more people left California for other states than moved here in 2021, continuing a decades-long trend,” the Mail reports.

Between 2018 and 2019, about 50,000 Californians moved to Texas per year, according to US Census Bureau data. Meanwhile, the number of people moving to California from Texas in those two years was about 35,000 per year.

With an estimated 39,185,605 residents at the end of the year, California is still the most populous US state, putting it far ahead of second-place Texas and its 29.5 million residents.

But after years of strong growth brought California tantalizingly close to the 40 million milestones, the state’s population is now roughly back to where it was in 2016 after declining by 117,552 people this year.

Several companies have also moved to Texas due to its low corporate taxes, at around 20 percent, making it one of the nation’s lowest.

“Texas is in the middle of the country, making it an attractive central hub for travel and communication. Corporate rent is also low in comparison to major US cities, including Los Angeles and San Francisco,” the report continued.

About 250 companies have moved to the Lone Star state since Gov. Abbott took office, including Tesla, Oracle, and Joe Rogan’s production company.

Newsom has ramped up his 2024 campaign by criticizing Texas and Florida for their abortion laws and gun laws as the number of Californians leaving the state increases.

In July, Newsom ran ads in Texas newspapers asserting that gun violence is responsible for California’s child deaths.

If Texas can ban abortion and endanger lives, California can ban deadly weapons of war and save lives. If Governor Abbott truly wants to protect the right to life, we urge him to follow California’s lead,’ the ad proclaims.

Newsom put up the ad after another ran in Florida imploring people to move to the so-called Golden State.

‘I urge all of you living in Florida to join the fight – or join us in California, where we still believe in freedom,’ the ad said.

Newsom announced this week that gas-powered vehicles will be 100% banned in California in 10 years. The announcement follows Joe Biden’s approval of a socialist climate change bill last week.

The ban will go into effect despite auto industry leaders warning that there may not be enough cars or charging infrastructure, or rare minerals for this even to be possible.

“California is set to roll out its long-awaited ban on new gasoline cars on Thursday, which is part of its rule to have all new cars sold by 2035 to be electric only in an effort to fight climate change, the Daily Mail reported.

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1 year ago

Califagnia is about to be SLAPPED like a red headed stepchild!!! Amen

Jacques MerdeD
Jacques Merde
1 year ago

Move to Cali??? Is gruesome Newsom kidding? I value rights and freedoms… And, why in hell would I want to move to a state that treats its citizens like garbage???

democrats cali.jpg
1 year ago

Don’t move to Texas to have a house and food, stay here in Californizuela and STARVE TO DEATH!

1 year ago

How does that go, something about throwing stones and glass houses, just a few listings and I don’t have a problem at all shoving these statistics up gavin newsome’s arse…
June 7th, Two people arrested in deadly road rage shooting of boy on California freeway. May 21, Family IDs 6-year-old boy shot to death in apparent road rage incident on 55 Freeway in Orange CountyApril 2nd, Suspect in mass shooting at Orange, California, business complex knew the victims, police say.July 21,Gun Deaths Drive California’s Largest-Ever Rise in Homicides.May 26th, The Forgotten School Gun Massacre in Stockton, CA 24-year-old Patrick Purdy parked his car behind the school, approached the playground, and spent the next several minutes firing 105 shots into the crowd of children with a semiautomatic assault rifle, killing five and injuring 30 others,March 31, 4 people, including a child, dead in shooting at Southern California office building; suspect injured.April 5, SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Sacramento police arrested a man Monday connected to the shooting that killed six people and wounded a dozen others in the heart of California’s capital as multiple shooters fired more than 100 rapid-fire rounds and people ran for their lives.
May 21, Southern California police say a man was killed and eight people were wounded during a shooting at a large party held at a strip mall hookah lounge
May 26, Nine people were killed at a Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) control center in San Jose, California. The gunman committed suicide.[26][27]
On November 14, 2019, at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California, United States, a school shooting occurred when a student with a pistol, identified as 16-year-old Nathaniel Berhow, shot five schoolmates, killing two, before killing himself.
2019 Fresno shooting: Ten people were shot, four fatally, at a football watch party.
Orinda shooting: An overnight block party attended by over 100 people ended with five people killed, and four more wounded by gunfire.
Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting: A gunman killed three people, including one 6-year-old boy, attending Gilroy’s annual Garlic Festival; 12 more people were injured. The shooter killed himself.
Poway synagogue shooting: One person was killed and at least three were wounded by a shooter at the Chabad of Poway synagogue.[36] The gunman was influenced by the Christchurch mosque shootings in New Zealand and claimed responsibility for the Escondido mosque fire the month prior

1 year ago

CA has been taken over by criminals lunatics etc., which is why honest hardworking people are leaving. Schools nationwide are realizing they have a serious problem with angry young men and in at least one state the promise of swift retribution has been made to the next angry little prick that even tries to pull this kind of maneuver.