WATCH: Video Shows Heroic Man Save Plane From Nearly Naked Woman Screaming “Allahu Akbar” As She Attempted To Get In Cockpit

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Imagine this: you’re asleep on a plane, head cricked back in an uncomfortable position on the headrest that you hope means it won’t accidentally droop too close to the head of the passenger next to you, stuck somewhere in the space between just barely awake and sleeping the light sleep of someone who’s tired but a bit dehydrated from the stale, dry air of the plane and more than a bit uncomfortable. Then, all of the sudden, you’re awoken with a start by some half-naked woman screaming the shout of many a suicide bomber or other Islamic terrorist, “Allahu Akbar!”

What would you do? How would you respond? Would you be able to take action immediately and do your best to subdue the woman and stop her from getting to the cockpit, from where she could crash the plane into the Earth and kill everyone on board or slam it into some building and cause the death of thousands? Or would you be confused, afraid, and petrified, unable to respond?

Such is the situation many people on board a flight from Cyprus to Manchester found themselves in when some woman on the plane started doing exactly that: running toward the cockpit while shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

Fortunately for all of them, one man on the plane, Phillip O’Brien, wasn’t so frozen with fear or confusion that he let her get to the cockpit door. Instead, he did what heroes do and leaped into action, stopping the nearly naked woman from reaching the cockpit and potentially crashing the plane.

Watch him heroically restrain her, potentially saving all the passengers on the plane, here:

“Dad Phillip O’Brien heroically restrained passenger after she stripped to underwear; tried to storm a plane cockpit 2x shouting Allahu Akbar on a Jet2 flight from Cyprus to Manchester. She claimed explosives were on board; asked children with her if they were ready to die.”

Apparently, what happened was that woman claimed to be a member of ISIS that had explosives on board and rushed toward the cockpit, asking those on the plane if they were ready to die.

She failed on her first rush and then prepared to do so again, and that’s when Mr. O’Brien, the hero of the hour, recognized that he was not ready to die and something had to be done to stop the self-described terrorist before she killed everyone on board.

Yelling at the flight attendants, he said “Why have you not put her to the floor?” The hapless flight attendants, out of either fear or physical inability, hadn’t been able to stop her and said as much, telling him “We are not able to.” But  O’Brien wasn’t ready to die, so he declared “I’m able to!” and jumped into action, restraining the nearly naked woman and stopping her from getting to the cockpit.

The flight then put down in Paris, where the woman will most likely be interrogated to find out what other potential terrorists might be out there or locked away in some rubber room if it turns out she’s just insane and not an actual ISIS terrorist.

Whatever the case, it’s good to see that one man wasn’t frozen by fear, either of being called a “racist” or “Islamaphobe” for stopping a woman shouting Islamic slogans or of potentially being hurt in the scuffle, and so was able to jump into action and stop her before it was too late. Good for him!

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Jacques MerdeD
Jacques Merde
1 year ago

Airlines should carry a couple of rolls of duct tape… to secure threats like that lady… arms, legs, and mouth…

1 year ago
Reply to  Jacques Merde

And exposed “nude” body parts. And ouch, when the tape is pulled off. Good for that man who was not afraid.

1 year ago

+Unlike the old days Flight attendants are not capable of even helping older people, let alone subdue an unruly passenger. Most are worthless and way to overweight.

1 year ago

OBAMA was on the plane?

1 year ago
Reply to  John


1 year ago

When someone (anyone) yells Allahu Akbar anytime in public, that should be the signal that all bets are off. Subduing them in any manner should not be deemed illegal. We have seen too many times that this promotes catastrophic results when they are not stopped. Most of the time they are willing to die after yelling this, so the urgency is great to prevent them from carrying out their objective. Since any sort of weapon is prohibited on flights, any means are appropriate. Beating them into non functionality is appropriate.