There’s Reason To Doubt Biden Killed Al Qaeda Leader Ayman al-Zawahiri

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Yesterday it was big news that Biden authorized a drone strike on al Qaeda leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and today the story is all but forgotten. That alone casts doubt on whether this really happened if less than 24 hours later people don’t believe it or don’t care. There are however many more reasons to question this.

Ayman al-Zawahiri was Osama bin Laden’s homie and helped plan the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Despite being the most wanted man in the world, he had managed to elude capture or death for over 20 years. On Sunday, Biden claims the CIA killed him in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The story goes that on July 1 of this year, Biden met with his advisors and authorized a drone strike on al-Zawahiri. As luck would have it, month later he was hanging out on a balcony and the CIA hit him with 2 Hellfire misses launched from a drone.

The first reason to doubt this story is that we’re supposed to believe that a month ago Biden was told that they’d be flying drones around, waiting until al-Zawahiri happened to be out on the balcony and Joe thought that was a solid plan.

The second reason is, this is the balcony that took 2 Hellfire missiles:

Does that look like a building that got hit by 2 Hellfire missiles? At least when they pretended to kill ISIS leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi they got a picture of a blown up building:

Or when they said they took out a terrorist with a drone strike and it turned out to be an innocent family, it looked like missile damage:

And that brings us to another reason to doubt this. These are the same assholes who said they took out a terrorist in Afghanistan when they actually killed a family.

Along those same lines, the CIA claims they pinpointed al-Zawahiri because of intensive intelligence efforts in Afghanistan. This is the same intelligence that failed to notice the Taliban’s swift takeover of the country following Biden’s failed U.S. troop withdrawal. They had no idea Afghanistan’s army was fake or that the Taliban would gain control in days but somehow they found 1 terrorist who has been on the run for 20 years?

Another compelling piece of information comes from The NY Post:

White House national security spokesman John Kirby said Tuesday the US had no DNA confirmation of his death, but had verified his identity through other sources.

“We do not have DNA confirmation. We’re not going to get that confirmation. Quite frankly, based on multiple sources and methods that we’ve gathered information from, we don’t need it,” Kirby told CNN.

“We have visual confirmation, but we also have confirmation through other sources.”

Sounds almost as legit as when Obama “took out” bin Laden: “Sorry, we can’t show you the body because it might offend jihadi scumbags.” It seems a little too convenient.

The biggest reason to doubt this story is because it comes from the lying-ass Biden administration. They have yet to be honest with the American people and there’s no reason to think they are starting with this.

Thanks to Joe’s disastrous time in the White House, he needs a win and a distraction. His handlers are hoping people will see this and forget about the recession and inflation. Unfortunately, like I said at the beginning, this story is already dead and it hasn’t moved the needle on Biden’s historic disapproval rating.

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1 year ago

Kind of like osama binladen/tim osman!
Who died of kidney failure in dec 2001?

1 year ago

Bring me the bastards head

1 year ago

I don’t think the writer likes JB. He oughta throw a shout out to Hillary, Bill and Barack. They are all behind the curtain with their heads up his donkeys.