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At Least 50 Percent Of Absentee Ballot Envelopes Not Verified In Michigan As Concern Of Election Integrity Grows

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Several state and congressional races were held in Michigan, including the race for the GOP’s next governor candidate. Votes were processed at the former TCF Center, now called the Huntington Center, by hundreds of Detroit election workers.

We are all aware of the events that occurred at TCF Center in Detroit on the day following the general election in 2020.

A coalition of outside agitators, backed by Democrats and workers paid to influence the election, intimidated and threatened GOP and independent poll watchers. While threats to these volunteers, whose duty it is to protect the vote, are against the law, no punishment was meted out.

A report just in about the vote count going on now at the Huntington Center shows there are personal duffel bags, coolers, and other large bags under the tables where the paid Detroit election workers sit. Near the bags under the table you can see the US Postal Service trays used to hold absentee ballots during the counting process. I don’t see any security issues there, do you?

In addition to the booths where absentee ballots were being counted, GOP and Independent poll challengers asked why 50% of the ballots had not been certified as having been verified for signatures at the clerk’s office before being sent to Huntington Place to be counted.

For someone checking the validity of the signature, there is a box on the envelope containing the absentee ballot that can be marked with a red pen or stamped with an official clerk’s stamp. Multiple poll challengers claim that at least 50% of the time, the box was left empty.

Due to the indifference of Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson to signature matching on ballots, these reports are hardly surprising.

There were numerous irregularities in the 2020 election, and hundreds of objections were raised regarding absentee ballot handling. Ultimately, a Michigan judge ruled that Michigan’s Secretary of State violated the law by directing city clerks to disregard the law regarding signature matching on absentee ballots in the 2020 election.

It was too late for the ruling to affect Benson’s poorly managed 2020 election, though, in which millions of reasonable Americans had lost faith.

A journalist currently reporting at Huntington Center states:

As an observer in the media box, it appears that the atmosphere is much more relaxed than in the 2020 election. No obvious outside agitators are disrupting the process, and less paid election workers are threatening GOP poll workers (so far, two GOP poll challengers have indicated they will be filing charges of intimidation against two election workers).

The 2022 primary election is a dry run for the 2022 general election that will be a hotly contested race with Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan’s dishonest Democrat Sec. of State Jocelyn Benson, and America’s most lawless Attorney General, Democrat Dana Nessel—Michigan’s Trifecta of Tyranny on the ballot.

In the 2020 vote count, during the preparation for counting military ballots that had just arrived in the TCF Center following the election, a lead election official told poll challengers to take a break while they were sorted and ready to be counted.

As a result of their knowledge of what was about to transpire, Democrats and outside agitators had food delivered to a particular section of the room where chairs and tables were available, however, Republican attendees had to go to another floor of the TCF Center in order to find a place to sit and eat.

When they returned, the GOP challengers reported that the doors were locked in the counting room. It was reportedly due to “COVID.”

Due to the sudden surge of people, they needed to lock the doors, and unfortunately, this meant that the GOP poll workers who had taken a break (recommended by a top election official) could not re-enter.

“When GOP poll workers objected to being locked out of the counting room, election workers and outside agitators quickly covered the windows with a view into the counting room with paper and cardboard boxes from the pizza they had just finished as they watched GOP poll workers locked out in the outside lobby” according to a report.

Reporters covered what was happening at the time and the video footage is shocking.

On that day, over 200 ballot workers signed affidavits citing tabulator irregularities and allegations of tabulator connectivity to the internet as well as blatant fraud suspicions. Despite the affidavits citing illegal behavior and other issues, not one person has been held responsible.

The Real Clear Politics generic ballot average of polls has Republicans with a slight lead over Democrats for the 2022 midterms.

According to Newsweek, “CBS News released its 2022 Battleground Tracker, showing the GOP likely to pick up a significant number of House seats in the upcoming election. The news channel’s tracker currently shows that Republicans will gain an estimated 16 House seats, bringing their total to 230. Meanwhile, Democrats are predicted to lose those 16 seats, bring their total down to just 205.”

News and polling analysis site FiveThirtyEight’s forecast shows Republicans are strongly favored to win back control of the House as well. The forecast gives the GOP an 83 in 100 chance of winning the majority, compared to 17 in 100 for Democrats.

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1 year ago

OXY MORON= election integrity!!!

1 year ago

I am hearing that the left is still up to their old tricks! “You’ve already Voted!”. No ballots for many Republicans that show up to vote? What else is the left going to pull to insure another rigged election? News for you lefties—We aren’t putting up with your nonsense!

1 year ago

We keep hearing about how there is no evidence of election fraud that would have made any difference, yet we also keep hearing about stories like this. They both can’t be right. Because one contradicts the other. I for one believe in election fraud, because there are videos of it happening. Yet the media keep denying it. You can’t depend on the justice system any longer so what are you to do?