WATCH: Crazy Courtroom Fight Breaks Out When Father of Victim Attacks Son’s Killer During Emotional Sentencing Hearing

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A shocking video out of a South Carolina courtroom shows what happened when the father of a murder victim confronted his son’s killer in court and attempted to avenge his son by attacking the killer from behind, hitting him in the head with a sucker punch and knocking him to the ground.

Here’s the video of the shocking courtroom fight:

As you can see in the video, the prelude to the sucker punch came during the killer’s sentencing hearing before Circuit Judge Roger Young. It was then that the victim’s mother, Angela Fields, was describing to the court the loss she’s felt regarding her murdered son.

As she did that, the victim’s father, Willie Clay Fields, stood next to his wife. That placed him several feet behind the killer, Jones. Jones was chained up, with his hands handcuffed in front of him and his legs cuffed together, making it difficult for him to move. He was standing with his head down.

It was then that Mr. Field approached Jones from behind, as you can see in the video, and took a wild swing at him, trying to sucker punch him in the back of the head.

That punch missed its mark, but Mr. Fields didn’t end the assault there, and instead tackled his son’s killer to the floor, punching him multiple times when they hit the ground.

Mr. Fields was then restrained by the law enforcement present for the hearing and led out of the hearing with Jones, the killer, rising to his feet and threatening Fields, yelling “I’m going to beat your ass, boy! I’m going to beat your ass, boy!” At that point, he too was dragged away.

Background on the crime that the hearing addressed comes from the Times and Democrat, which reported that Lindy Lamont Jones of Orangeburg pleaded guilty on July 13 to the 2018 murder of Willie Antoine Fields. Fields, at the time of the murder, was 18. Jones is now 22 and was 19 at the time of the murder.

That paper reports that Fields was killed when Jones shot him in the head and three times in the back, with investigators finding his body near his blood-soaked vehicle. Jones’ motive for killing Fields has not been determined, though he did confess to the killing.

Following the courtroom assault, the court resumed and addressed the brawl instead of continuing with Jones’ sentencing.

Fields was led, handcuffed, back into the court, with the Times and Democrat reporting that the judge told him he would be held for contempt of court and urged Fields to get a lawyer before his sentencing.

Fields did find an attorney. That attorney’s name is Justin Bamber and he said that the hearing “became too much emotionally” for his “heartbroken” client. He will be representing Mr. Fields for free.

Commenting further on the incident and emotions that led to the assault, said:

“No father should have to bury his innocent son. Mr. Fields is not a criminal. He is a victim of the senseless violence that occurs far too often in our communities. The criminal justice system exists so that justice may be done, and justice in this case demands setting Mr. Fields free from the burdens of these charges so that he may continue mourning in peace with his family. We are asking that the system #FreePops.”

He added that Mr. Fields and his family are “extremely apologetic to the court for his outburst and the court staff and officers who had to step in. Mr. Fields wishes that his emotions in the moment had not gotten the best of him, and he wants everyone to know that he is not a bad man.

Though sucker punching a chained up man can hardly be excused, even given the emotions that Mr. Fields was surely feeling, hopefully the court will recognize the totality of the circumstances and brutality of the murder and be merciful to Mr. Fields.

Mr. Fields now faces two counts. He faces, according to the Times and Democrat, one count each of contempt of court and third-degree assault and battery.

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1 year ago

Mr Fields should be given a medal

1 year ago
Reply to  byvdb

Should have went for his eyeballs

Jacques MerdeD
Jacques Merde
1 year ago

Free Mr. Fields!

Sentient BeingD
Sentient Being
1 year ago

Apparently black lives only matter when it’s a political stunt meant to further political prostitutes agenda for the great replacement. This is the perfect slave species for sure impulsive angry ignorant and above conscience or scrutiny! He gude boi obamas sun!! Dindu muffin!