Top George Soros Flunky Develops ‘Nightmare’ Case Of Monkeypox After Bragging About His Gay Orgies

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One of global oligarch George Soros‘ sergeants at his Open Society Foundations, Sebastian Kohn, has written a lengthy description in the Guardian of his gay adventures and subsequent acquisition of monkeypox.

Kohn also caught gonorrhea after his escapade.

In his confession he described his monkeypox symptoms, which began one week after his Pride Week orgy.

“Two days after my symptoms began, the rash started as anorectal lesions – painful sores on my anus and rectum. Initially it was a stinging, itchy feeling,” he wrote.

“I wasn’t scared at this point. I was told that it would be mild, and I was a completely healthy individual with no underlying conditions. But I had no idea how bad it was going to get.”

The disease escalated into a painful series of lesions, which eventually turned into open sores.

“My anorectal lesions, which were already very painful, turned into open wounds. It felt like I had three fissures right next to each other, and it was absolutely excruciating. I would literally scream out loud when I went to the bathroom.”

Kohn concluded his remarks by claiming that the healthcare system does not cater well enough to gays, who should be freed to embark on sexual adventures without any consequences.

Gays across America’s largest cities have doubled down on their most recent attempt to gain the attention of Americans by writing lengthy confessionals about catching and spreading the disease.

Earlier this month the New Yorker published a piece by a gay who shared similar stories of other gays who got monkeypox and had difficulty getting immediate healthcare for the novel disease.

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1 year ago


Last edited 1 year ago by SUE
1 year ago

LMAO!!!!! justice justly served!!!!! may it wipe your lot out.

Jacques MerdeD
Jacques Merde
1 year ago

Let me understand this… Monkeypox appears on the scene, The CDC and WHO tell people that the virus is primarily spread by anal sex between men, just like AIDS, so armed with this knowledge, this idiot goes out and has I assume UNPROTECTED SEX with a bunch of gay men and now is whining about how bad it hurts every time he takes a crap? I really do not care what consenting adults do together BUT when you have been warned that you could get Monkeypox by engaging in this risky behavior, it is very hard for me to show any signs of sympathy for the infected. I just hope his bathroom is soundproof. No reason others should have to be kept awake every time he has to wipe his butt.

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