WATCH: Hysterical NY Times Editor Claims Jan 6 Never Ended — Says Josh Hawley Is Part Of The ‘Rolling Coup Attempt’ To ‘Overthrow Democracy’

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New York Times editorial board member Mara Gay went on MSNBC this morning and spewed a bunch of hysterical garbage about an “ever present threat” and a “rolling coup attempt” and fingered both the Secret Service and Senator Josh Hawley as being a part of it.


January 6th happened one day a year and a half ago. It ended on that day. There is no ‘rolling coup attempt’ and it is ludicrous to even say such a thing. It’s the height of ignorance of stupidity.

But what is even more absurd, if that’s even possible, is that these are the same people who were pushing a coup attempt against President Trump for years. An actual coup attempt using the highest echelons of our government including the DOJ, the FBI and the CIA. And it was all started by Hillary Clinton because of her lust for power. But you NEVER hear them decrying Hillary Clinton and her Democrat allies that pursued this.

That’s why these people are utter garbage in my opinion and shouldn’t be given a platform to spew this idiocy.



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1 year ago

NYT degenerated into a worthless leftist rag some years ago and will eventually die due to lack of readership and good riddance. the democratic party is in the same situation and november will be the end of a lot of their BS because people are sick of it. Good riddance on both counts

1 year ago

They keep saying how Donald Trump is still attempting a coup of the government, what do you think Joe Biden is doing? He is allowing millions of people into the country to destroy it. Yet you have all the democrats talking about Jan 6th. as the shiny object to keep your attention on that instead of what is actually happening. What’s going to happen when Biden is out of office? We’re going to have millions of people, many not with the best interest of America on their minds in the country. Thanks Joe, and the democrat party with their new world order.

Last edited 1 year ago by johninnil