WATCH: Sanctuary City Mayor Cries About Illegals Being Bussed To Her City

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You may have been wondering if the bussing of illegals to Washington DC by both Texas and Arizona governors is making a difference?

Well it turns out it is, so much so that the leftist mayor of DC is trying to get the federal government to stop it.


When Abbott announced his program to bus illegals from Texas to Washington DC earlier this year, it was made clear in the language of the order that this was entirely voluntary on the part of the illegals.

But Mayor Bowser claims that these illegals are being ‘tricked’ into coming to DC, suggesting that they think they are heading for other locations nationwide. But that sounds idiotic because Abbott made CLEAR that this was a one way bussing service to DC when he made his very public announcement.

No, I think what’s going on here is that what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander. Bowser is an open borders leftist just like so many in her city, all the way to the Oval Office. She’s made sure her sanctuary city is uncooperative with deportation efforts by the federal government and welcoming to criminal illegals. But now that her city is feeling the sting on their resources with all these illegals being bussed to her city, she suddenly doesn’t like them coming and wants the federal government to stop it.

She’s okay with Texas cities and towns to suffer under the burden of Biden’s horrible illegal immigration, but clearly she wants no part of it.

I hope Abbott and Ducey keep the busses rolling…



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Forrest W Byers
Forrest W Byers
1 year ago

” one nation with liberty and justice for all”, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

Karen Thompson
1 year ago

The Mayor of DC does not worry about the rest of America with all the Illegal Immigrants coming across our southern border which include terrorist, rapist, murders, MS13 gang members and many other people who hate Americans!

1 year ago

D.C.’s population is about to triple and the official language will be spanish and they will bring their own machine guns lol

1 year ago

You axed for it, you got it Beaaatch!!????

1 year ago

Por favor, Now loading all DC bound buses on lanes 5,6,8,9,14,34,22, 25…