WATCH: Democrat Senator Who Advocates Teaching ‘Pleasure Based Sex Ed’ To Kids Posts Lewd Campaign Video

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A young and energetic Democrat Rhode Island state senator named Tiara Mack, 28 is getting a lot of attention for her unique campaign video, which has gone viral and been covered by Fox News host- Tucker Carlson- who is advocating for Mack’s rise in politics to a national stage.

According to her bio: Mack was raised in Georgia and South Carolina and then moved to Rhode Island to study public health at Brown in 2012; and is an advocate of Sex Education that is ‘pleasuring’ to students, according to her statements post viral ‘Twerking’ video.

After seeing the video that was posted on Monday, meant as a campaign ad- showing  Mack twerking in a bikini- upside down, in the sand- and encouraging people to vote for her- Carlson highlighted her on a recent program.

“You have to wonder why it’s left to this show of all places to announce the rising star, the next rising star in the Democratic party, but it is. So we’re going to it’s a woman called Tiara Mack. You never heard of Tiara, Mac. Well, maybe that’s because she’s a state, senator in a tiny state. And you have to wonder why this is a woman with demonstrated talent who has announced on social media just this week, an Ivy League degree,” Carlson said on his show introducing the twerking video.

Mack was elected to the Rhode Island legislature in January 2021  as the first openly LGBTQ black person elected to the senate, so she is indeed an American trailblazer.

‘Vote Senator Mack!’ Mack said at the end of the eight-second clip.

“Dem candidate Tiara Mack wants all her constituents to know, she is practicing sticking her head in the sand on inflation, gas prices, and other important issues just like her future peers,” one constituent posted, in rebuke. 

After seeing the displeasing response to her ad, on Monday, Mack tweeted: ‘Damn. Twerking upside down really makes the conservative, unhinged internet accounts pop off on a Monday’

Mack then on TikTok addressed her critics, noting that she has an Ivy League degree and her constituents like her because she is ‘fun’, for which she received even further rebuke from Armstrong Williams, a political pundit.

Carlson had some fun with that during his monologue and said:

“Have you ever had one of those moments where you see something- and you think- like oh that’s the future, that’s what it looks like. We saw Taria Mack’s head in the sand twerking and we thought- man, that’s the Democratic party 2020.”

Carlson continued:

“So not everyone liked it and she responded this way and Twitter. But damn twerking. Upside-down really makes the conservative unhinged internet accounts pop off on Monday and never less you wrote. I’m really excited for the house. Sex ed Bill hearing later today teaching comprehensive queer and pleasure-based Sex Ed was a highlight of my time teaching.

And you got to wonder, since she just summarized everything the Democratic party is for why isn’t our own party? Embracing her, why is she still a state senator in Rhode Island? Why aren’t you know- Secretary of State?   Why not make Tiara Mack your standard Bearer in 2024?

But they’re not they are pushing Joe. Biden, who is like 100 years old pale,” Carlson taunted.

Here is the Libs For Tik Tok video that made it all happen:

On July 5th, Mack let the world know that she is unfazed by the criticism of her actions:

“As a Black, queer woman, you all should know the answer. It’s no. Let’s them carry on their narrative. Me? I’m going to be joyful, free, and unbothered,” Mack posted.

The Daily Mail reported on Mack’s Conservative-Christian background and how she ended up in Rhode Island:

It’s a long way from the cash-strapped conservative family she grew up in in Georgia and South Carolina.

In 2012 she moved to Rhode Island to study Public Health at Brown and was introduced to the liberal ideas that would come to define her.

In 2020 she challenged incumbent state senator Harold Metts in the Democratic primary.

Metts was pro-life and opposed to the LGBTQ movement. Mack defeated him with 60% of the vote by campaigning for the opposite.

She had become inspired to get into politics by serving as the Youth Organizing Specialist at Planned Parenthood of Southern New England.

In January 2021, she took her seat in the state legislature.

‘I thought I was the only Black person in all my classes because I was smart, and not because the education system pushes Black and brown students into lower level classes or into the prison system,’ she wrote in her manifesto letter for her senate district campaign.

‘I thought I was different because there was no LGBTQ+ representation in books or my school, but later realized LGBTQ+ voices and identities were silenced.’

She believes in activism as a way of life and campaigns for equal rights, getting money out of politics, forcing the rich and corporations to pay their taxes, Medicare for all and affordable housing for all.

Her mother, a teacher, struggled to financially support her five children, and took jobs at restaurants and in retail to make ends meet.

Mack’s family was deeply conservative, and in sixth grade she signed an abstinence pledge.

‘Being low income, black and from the conservative Christian South was a lot of culture shock and narratives that I definitely was not prepared for when walking on campus,’ said Mack during the election.

In the senate, Mack has introduced a bill that would require sex education courses in Rhode Island to ‘affirmatively recognize pleasure based sexual relations, different sexual orientations and be inclusive of same-sex relationships.’

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1 year ago

This represents everything wrong in America.

1 year ago

Another fat ugly bull dike lookin for a following?
These people are insanea

Shane Cooper
Shane Cooper
1 year ago

Nastiness, in your face. Hood trash, Hottentot style.

Dennis Karoleski
Dennis Karoleski
1 year ago

In 1973 homosexuals at a teaching university managed to outnumber heterosexual colleagues on a medical board and voted to remove homosexuality from the lists of mental illnesses thus opening Pandora’s Box on humanity.