Hungarian Prime Minister Warns George Soros Is Orchestrating the Russia-Ukraine War For Sinister Purposes

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has warned that the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war is being orchestrated by globalist billionaire George Soros to drive up inflation to profit him and his allies.

“This is an inflation caused by war… it is different from inflation in the time of peace. Energy prices are rising partly because of the war, and partly due to the Western sanctions,” Orban said during an interview with Kossuth Radio.

“The government adopted a budget which can handle the inflation caused by the war,” he added. Orban said that the government moved to create a fund for utility cuts and a separate one for national defense. reports: The Hungarian Prime Minister stressed that “We should be financing peace, not war” and pointed out that the Hungarian government is the only government in the EU that’s pushing for peace.

Orban declared that “if the politics of sanctions is to continue, this will ruin the entire European economy because of the inflation caused by war.”  He is of the view that European leaders should reconsider their approach to this war.

Orban emphasized that “Those agitating for war must be reined in.” The Hungarian leader claimed that there are business interests who want this war to continue.

“They are symbolized by George Soros. He has spoken openly about the need to prolong the war. These are agitators who want to make money from the war,” Orban stated.

Orban cited experts, claiming that the cuts on food prices, gas prices, and on utility costs have kept inflation at 10% as opposed to the 15-16% which experts claim would be in effect if these cuts were never implemented.

Though Orban admitted that it’s impossible to contain the inflation through Hungary’s policy tweaks alone.

He believes that as long as the European Union continues financing and prolonging the West’s proxy war against Russia, inflation will continue increasing. Orban believes that the best way to stop inflation is through bringing the Russo-Ukrainian War to a close.

“Ukraine has the right to defend itself. If a government decides to fight, one must not question their decision, even if their chances are not the best” Orban said.

In his opinion, the question is how Europe will react, what kind of proposals it will have for a solution. He added that “the trouble is, that other than us, Hungarians, nobody is speaking the language of peace. We should be speaking the language of peace.”

Under Orban’s stewardship, Hungary has been one of the most rational nationalist governments on the world stage. Orban has made it a point to protect traditional values and defend the country’s national character from the wave of mass migration that has swept across Europe over the past decade.

Moreover, Orban is a hard-nosed realist on foreign policy. Instead of joining the West’s two-minutes hate against Russia, he has taken a balanced approach to Russia, recognizing that his country is reliant on Russia for energy needs. On top of that, Hungary acknowledges that it shares common interests with the Eurasian behemoth with regards to their opposition to the globalist consortium of organizations Soros uses to subvert national sovereignty.

Right-wing populists in the US should look at the Hungarian example and use it as a template, albeit with modifications to adjust to the realities of American politics, to build a viable nationalist movement with staying power.

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1 year ago

Soros/schwartz is just a stooge tool for the kazar rothchilds!

Buck O'Fama
Buck O'Fama
1 year ago
Reply to  John

Right you are! Hungary ejected little Georgie Sorrows AND the Rothschild central bank.
What eludes me is how anyone could orchestrate war with other than sinister purposes.

El Disgustador
El Disgustador
1 year ago

Soros benefits from other people’s misfortunes, even more when he generates the misfortunes…Go figure…

1 year ago

Why has sorros and his sons and nazi Klaus Scwab and all globalists like Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Bush, Carter, Gates, Bezos and the millions of others still walking around free. Folks better wake the hell up. None of these buggers nor their offspring should be around to continue killing people and the nations of the world.