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Philly Man Shoots Criminals Trying To Steal His Car… Then HE Gets Arrested — Criminal’s Family Wants MURDER Charges Brought

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There are some stories I read in the news cycle that clearly reveal the mindset of the people involved.

In major cities around the U.S., George Soros-funded District Attorneys have decided to look the other way from the day-to-day crimes that take place in their communities.

In their attempt to advance racial justice these “public servants” do everything they can to help the “disadvantaged” in the society such as offering zero dollar bail, increasing the amount a thief can steal before it’s considered a felony, and ignoring prostitution and other nonviolent crimes on the street.

Criminals and those associated with them have taken this new leniency from law enforcement as permission to steal, at will, and are shocked when the intended victims do not respond with the same tolerance in the process.

In Philadelphia, a Cobbs Creek car owner fatally shot a man who was trying to steal his car or its catalytic converter on Tuesday morning. He has been charged with carrying a gun without a license, Philadelphia police said Wednesday.

Steven Thompson, 54, who shot and killed one of three men who were tampering with his Acura as it was parked in front of his home in the 5800 block of Cobbs Creek Parkway, was charged with two counts of firearms violations.

On Tuesday, police initially said Thompson had a permit to carry the gun he used to shoot the would-be car thief, Satario Natividad, 51, just after 8:15 a.m. But he did not have a permit for the weapon.

What happened? 

Witnesses said three men hooked a car with straps near South 58th Street and Cobbs Creek Parkway just before 8:30 a.m., KYW-TV reported. According to WPVI-TV, there was an attempt to tow away the car.

The car’s owner, however, got a glimpse of what was going on and opened fire; KYW said in its video report that shots were fired from inside the car owner’s residence.

The straps broke away from the targeted car, WPVI said. And the getaway car — a Honda — crashed into a school bus that was headed in the opposite direction, KYW reported.

One of the suspects was taken to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center and later pronounced dead, KYW said.

But the Inquirer reported that the man who fired his gun actually did not have a license to carry it. Steven Thompson, 54, was charged with two counts of firearms violations, the paper said.

Sherell Natividad — the widow of fatally shot Satario Natividad, who was 51 — told the Inquirer that Thompson’s arrest was “a little bit of justice” for her.

“You just can’t go shooting people and not expect there’s going to be consequences behind that,” she added the paper, insisting that Thompson should be charged with murder.

“He took my children’s father away from them. He took my husband away from me,” Natividad noted to the Inquirer. “I want more. He murdered my husband. Even though he was doing wrong, he still murdered him. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t do nothing.”

Chief Inspector Frank Vanore added to the paper that police found catalytic converters, tools, and a handgun inside the Accord that crashed into the school bus.

Here’s the original report from KYW-TV:

So there you have it. The wife of the criminal who was shot while trying to steal a car wants the car owner who was protecting his property, to be charged with murder.

Yes, even though the wife admits her husband was up to no good, she still wants the shooter prosecuted for responding to her husband’s and accomplice’s criminal actions.

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2 years ago

WOW so a BLACK guy gets it for stealing. HMMM guess that is racists. HERE HERE for the car owner. Hint come up my way, you steal, you trespass, you harm my dogs my family, you will be cut down by my shotguns and ar15. and if you wanna mess with me 1 on 1 go ahead I pack a .44 mag and dont worry about any grave to attend or funeral I have my own crematorium! The only good criminal and that includes politicians, lobbyists, judges from top on down are treading water 2000 miles at sea with no rescue available. As for charges OK charge the guy for no gun permit, but then you best do that to the prickcola Hunter Biden who lied on his firearms application, and had no carry permit…that is 10 yrs.

Jacques MerdeD
Jacques Merde
2 years ago

I would never use to think this… but the 2020 riots in democrat states have totally changed my thinking… Were the car thieves Black?

Jake FrizzellD
Jake Frizzell
2 years ago
Reply to  Jacques Merde

Good question. Could have been an illegal invader….

Jake FrizzellD
Jake Frizzell
2 years ago

Blacks aren’t human – human laws don’t apply to them. Remove blacks (and their supporters-enablers) from civilization.

2 years ago

And here in Pa they will convict this guy for protecting himself. Here in Pa under Josh Shipiro the criminal is always right, the illegals are always guven more then the residents of Pa and the leaders of this state have no problem murdering the elderly and then be given a higher paying job with the federal government, right Levine and Wolf? So just another day in Pa.