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Michael Moore Reveals His Complete Ignorance Of American History: Tells MSNBC ‘Founding Fathers’ Would ‘Repeal Second Amendment’

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According to Hollywood’s favorite anti-gun zealot Michael Moore, the Founding Fathers had no idea what a bullet was and would support removing the Second Amendment if they were living today.

MSNBC brought out the left-wing propagandist who made a series of odd statements about American history and the founding fathers in the aftermath of the horrific shooting at a Texas primary school in Uvalde.

Moore beganWe will not acknowledge that we are a violent people, to begin with. This country was birthed in violence with genocide of the native people at the barrel of a gun.

He continued, “This country was built on the backs of slaves with a gun to their backs to build this country into the country that we got to have. We do not want to acknowledge or two original sins here that have a gun behind the ability behind our ability to become who we became.”

Moore then asserted “I think we need some really drastic action here,” before suggesting “a moratorium” on gun sales.

Then came the real kicker as Moore said “Who will say on this network or on any other network in the next few days? It is time to repeal the Second Amendment”

You cannot say that. Well, why not? Why not?” He continued, before using the argument that the founding fathers didn’t know what bullets were.

I truly believe if Jefferson, Madison and Washington if they all knew that the bullet would be invented — some 50 years after our revolution, I don’t know if they would have written it that way,” Moore stated.

He added, “They didn’t even know what a bullet was. It didn’t exist until the 1830s. They had any idea that there would be this kind of carnage. You have to believe that the Founders of the country would not support it.”

Moore than admitted that he supports “all gun control legislation. Not sensible gun control legislation,” adding “We don’t need the sensible stuff. We need the hard-core stuff that is going to protect ourselves and our children.”

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1 year ago

Moore is a self-important hollywood leftist who keeps on making more of his crappy movies he expects us to watch. Bring back youth corrections and ‘scared straight’ counseling. China did a mass effort to choke back youth gaming time to under an hour. Maybe moore can ull his head out of his ashes and do a movie about youth psychology and video games and other forms of media online and off. Don’t hold your breath, that would be a real documentary and more than anything, Moore is a whiny mouthy film hack. Overgrown overfed children(picture), trying to lecture us on the errors of our ways.

1 year ago

This freak looking brainless untalented moron shows just how out of touch it is with the majority of the country. It thinks it has the knowledge of everything and anything that happens to pop up but with every word it spouts it shows how a box of rocks is far more intelligent than it would ever think it was.

1 year ago

Can we call him Michael Moore-on (moron)? I mean, jeesh, the Founding Fathers were the ones who RATIFIED the Second Amendment and for some major overarching reasons that need to remain in place to keep tyrannical government at bay.

What needs to happen here is that we need to up the security in our schools, but even more importantly, hold responsible all the “authorities” that knew this boy was a literal nutcase and very mentally ill and did nothing about it because we live in a work and coddled society, so God-forbid anyone should have the intestinal fortitude to confront this boy and take him to task and get him into a delinquent detention center if he needed it.

I was bullied at school for many reasons and hated it and wanted revenge on my bullies, but never in a million years did I ever have any thought of hurting anyone who was innocent or not involved. That’s outlandish thinking.

david russell
david russell
1 year ago

Moore is one ugly woman.

1 year ago

Welcome to Orwell’s 1984 where ALL of History will be re-written…

1 year ago

From the King James Bible; The Gospel according to John: 3:16For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 3:17For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

<b>Romans 6:23For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.</b>
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