Rep. Nadler Is PISSED After New Changes In NY May Force Him Out Of Office

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Will America’s legislature soon rid itself of the “Penguin”-like character (Penguin from Batman, not the cute animals from Antarctica) that goes by the name “Rep. Jerry Nadler”?

Perhaps, as it looks like New York’s redistricting could force Nadler out, which would be a win for all those who don’t like seeing photos of a Democrat making an absolute fool of himself trying to put on a mask:

News on Nadler’s New York troubles comes from Politico which, reporting on New York’s redistricting plans and how they could affect Rep. Nadler’s position in the legislature, notes that:

A new set of draft maps for New York’s congressional district were released Monday that upended a number of potential races and sent candidates scurrying to reset their campaigns or reconsider their plans to run.

The maps for New York’s 26 congressional districts will play an instrumental role in whether Democrats can retain control of the House in the midterm elections, and the latest maps drawn by a special master after a successful court case by Republicans would pit several Democrats against one another.

The maps would create five districts that contain the homes of multiple incumbents, potentially setting the stage for several high-profile battles for August and November. Those include a battle for parts of Manhattan between Democratic veteran Reps. Jerry Nadler and Carolyn Maloney.

The article adds that Jerry isn’t happy with the new situation but is putting on airs of confidence, saying:

Nadler ripped the proposed lines, but added that “provided that they become permanent, I very much look forward to running in and representing the people of the newly created 12th District of New York.”

The problem is that the first map the Democrats tried to ram through was thrown out by the court for being so overtly biased and unfair to Republicans, so now they had to go back to the drawing board and mix things up a bit, which meant shifting some of the district borders around in Manhattan.

One of those changes meant that Nadler and Maloney now live in one district, so they might have to battle it out, as Nadler has said he’s running for the seat. And how could he not? Can you imagine the goblin-like Congressman doing anything else? He’s hardly photogenic enough to host a talk show.

Maloney has said that she’ll run for the seat too, as she’s also not photogenic enough for a talk show, so unless one backs down, a battle seems imminent. Who else can’t wait to see these two Democrat apparatchiks battle it out?

But then again, the map is just a plan and hasn’t been approved yet, so maybe it will be thrown out and Gotham’s Penguin won’t have to fight for his seat. Though this map seems fairer than the old one, it’s being attacked for being…wait for it…RACIST!!!!, so maybe it’ll be thrown out. Hakeem Jeffries, chair of the House Democrats, for example, said:

The draft redistricting map viciously targets historic Black representation in NY, and places 4 Black members of Congress into the same district. This tactic would make Jim Crow blush. The draft map is unacceptable, unconscionable & unconstitutional.

So we’ll see how that goes, but it is fun watching Rep. Nadler sweat.

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2 years ago

Death to all TRAITORS from all parties!

Jacques MerdeD
Jacques Merde
2 years ago


2 years ago

Eventually old age will carry him and schumer out to sea…short of that he’ll be there in office some more years probably

2 years ago

I seriously doubt that Jeffries has even read the Constitution…