WATCH: Biden Disinformation Czar Says SHE Should Be Able To Edit YOUR Twitter Posts Without Consent To ‘Add Context’

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A video has emerged this morning of Biden’s new disinformation czar, Nina Jankowicz, explaining how she would like Twitter to allow her and other ‘blue checks’ to edit your tweets to add context to your disinformation.


I don’t know exactly when this took place but based on what she says in the video about Trump being banned from Twitter, I think it’s going to be some time last year given or possibly early this year. Honestly, though, the timing isn’t really all that important.

What is important is that Biden’s new disinformation czar, known for spewing plenty of disinformation herself, says in the video that she wants Twitter to allow blue checks like her to edit tweets that they deem misleading. She wants to be able to add ‘context’ to your tweets.

Obviously the new Musk Twitter isn’t going to allow that to happen. But it is very alarming that she wants to be part of a social media disinformation police. Given her newly appointed position, is there any doubt that she wouldn’t try to get other social media platforms to allow this type of ‘fact-checking’?

As we saw with the pandemic these radical leftists are nothing but fascists who want to control the narrative and force you to comply with it. You can be sure that Jankowicz will use her new position to make this ‘fact-checking’ a reality, especially with 2024 nearly upon us.

It’s to that end I am so thankful that Elon Musk is buying Twitter. I’m sure he really threw a wrench into her plans…



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John A OwenD
John A Owen
2 years ago

‘Despicables‘ pushing the New World Order!

Surly CurmudgenD
Surly Curmudgen
2 years ago

Using the exact same logic we should be allowed to censor her all the way to, never hear from her again

2 years ago

This beach needs to be removed without delay and all who support her. Where the frigg is ms 13 when you need em…oh how dumb i am they cannot read