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WATCH: Idiot Pro-Abortion Activists Try To Shut Down Mass At Catholic Church.. But Parishioners Jump To Action And Send Them PACKING

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When a small group of pro-abortion demonstrators turned up at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles, parishioners and security officers promptly moved to force them out of the nave.

This is an absolutely joy to watch:

As the video begins you see the parishioners using their kneelers, which means these pro-abortion activists sat through nearly the entire Mass, the reading of the Word and the homily, and waited until the most sacred part of the Mass, Holy Communion, to get up and spring into action. They knew what they were doing.

One parishioner immediately jumped up to engage the activists and was immediately shoved by some big guy in a gray sweatshirt, who appeared to be there to protect them.

Then you see other parishioners, as well as security, engage them and begin pushing them out of the nave and ultimately, the church. The short woman on security took the lead and just begin pushing them back.

One activist with the big gray-sweatshirt-dude tried to go around the other side, but they were quickly met by more parishioners and security and pushed out.

I absolutely love how resolute and quick these parishioners were in this church to kick these activists out before they could do much ‘damage’ to the service. They clearly weren’t afraid of them and that’s how it should be.



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1 year ago

Wow. This actually happened in Los Angeles of all places?? I would have thought that the Catholics in California churches would all be pro-choice and Catholic in name only. You mean to tell me that there are decent people actually left in California???

1 year ago
Reply to  Vespasion

There has always been decent people in California!!! It’s the liberal corrupt government that sucks ass!!!

1 year ago

Democrats never cease to show the world hoe disgusting they actually are

1 year ago

We had a few assaholes try this and our off duty cops, handled them nice and gently but a few of use did help them hard into their autos. We also filed charges of tresspassing so we shall see them in court in 48 hours. DEATH to these crazy loons

1 year ago

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