WATCH: Trump Takes Down Biden With Masterful Video Compilation Showing His MENTAL COLLAPSE

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“Joe Biden should put the question to rest,” said Donald Trump tonight at the Save America rally in Pennsylvania, “by taking a cognitive test and releasing the results for the entire world to see, just like I did! I did it!”

He’s right of course. He said this after showing a video of Biden’s embarrassing mental incompetence that would be shocking if we weren’t used to seeing it by this point.

From the video to Trump’s demand for a test, this was a great part of the rally.

A thousand times we’ve all talked about how the media who DEMANDED Trump take that test and talked ENDLESSLY about him being “unfit’ and the 25th Amendment DARE NOT speak of Biden’s obvious dementia.

It’s humiliating to us all, and it’s incredibly dangerous, and the media will continue to pretend it’s not happening. Which says all there is to say about them.





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Richard Hoard
Richard Hoard
1 year ago

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Sara Jons
Sara Jons
1 year ago

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Scott O'Brien
1 year ago

Biden’s just a puppet. Harris wouldn’t be any better. She might not stutter and stammer along but she’s not very bright. She’d just giggle and say stupid things as usual. Shameful. Get rid of them !.

wilbur stalker
wilbur stalker
1 year ago

Biden is a fraud we all know this