WATCH: Ted Cruz Lays Out Why It Won’t Be Hard To Find The SCOTUS Leaker

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Having been a Supreme Court law clerk himself, Ted Cruz understands how things work at the country’s highest court and explains why it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out who leaked the Roe v Wade opinion.


On the podcast Cruz revealed that when someone prints an opinion, identifying marks on the copy to indicate from where it was printed. Assuming the investigators can get their hands on the actual printout, that would be easy.

But Cruz rejects the idea that a justice might have leaked the documents, saying that would be too much and he just doesn’t think that’s what happened.

He does believe, however, that there are only 12 possible candidates who could have leaked the opinion and that it would be one of the law clerks who work for the three liberal justices.

In fact Cruz goes on record as saying that he thinks it was probably a law clerk for Sotomayor, given that she’s the most likely to hire some wild-eyed partisan law clerk given how radical she is herself.

There’s more in the video, including his explanations of how things work in the Supreme Court when it comes to printing and reading legal opinions, so be sure and watch it.



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2 years ago

It just makes me wonder if it is as suggested I don’t believe that anything would be done. Seeing all the nonsense that is going on now over this, and all the actual crimes that have been committed and nothing was done. Or some lame excuse was provided to explain what happened. I am very cynical as to having justice being served.