Fine Print Reveals $33 Billion Ukraine ‘Relief Fund’ Is Nothing More Than Democrat Kickback And Bribery Scheme Disguised As Foreign Aid

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Talk about bold.  The Democrats are using the Ukraine war to fund their own globalist initiatives and line the pockets of their cohorts, and they hid it right in plain sight.

While the amount of Biden’s proposed $33 billion Ukraine relief fund may have surprised you, chances are you didn’t read the fine print. If you did, you’d be incensed by what appears to be a brazen Democrat bribery and kickback scheme masquerading as foreign aid.

Under the pretense of Ukraine aid, Biden’s expenditure request specifies a vast amount of money for various ideological foreign policy objectives. Make no mistake: the proposal lays out a bribery and kickback scheme.

Some of the spending includes an allocation of funds to the State Dept including funds to USAID to “provide $8.8 billion to the Department of State for economic support and assistance to the people of Ukraine and other affected countries, including direct budgetary support, as well as support for food security, democracy, anticorruption, cybersecurity, counter-disinformation, human rights, atrocity documentation, energy, and emergency infrastructure needs.” {pdf page 41}  The request specifically authorizes the transfer of these funds globally, outside of Ukraine.


Apparently, the State Dept is going to set up an international version of DHS “disinformation governance board.”  But wait, it gets worse… CTH report:

U.S. taxpayers are also going to subsidize farming in Europe and fund the climate change initiatives by paying for the development of alternate energy sources. “This would include [$500 million] support for small- and medium- sized agrobusinesses during the fall harvest and for natural gas purchases by the Ukrainian state energy company.” {page 44}

Mechanisms to legalize defense contractor kick-backs: “This request would authorize Ukraine to utilize Foreign Military Financing Program funds appropriated in this Act and prior Acts to the Department of State to contract directly with U.S. companies to procure defense related materials which would facilitate the delivery of military assistance and security sector support.” {page 48}

Mechanisms to spread the money all over government institutions without prior approval: …”This request would provide the authority to reprogram funds appropriated in this Act and prior Acts making appropriations for the Department of State, foreign operations, and related programs for assistance to Ukraine without regard to any minimum amounts specifically designated in such Acts. This authority would provide the needed flexibility to match resources with evolving needs and decrease reliance on new appropriations.” {Page 50}

The last segment is a massive change in the U.S. government power to seize Russian private property and assets, sell them to whoever Biden chooses, and then give the proceeds of the sales to U.S. politicians, friends, family members, or perhaps Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

It is an international version of current DOJ civil asset forfeiture.  The United States government (DOJ, Dept of Treasury and Dept of State) takes ownership of any targeted Russian asset, sells the asset (to whoever they choose, including personal family members) then take the proceeds and distributes them to whoever they choose in the U.S. or Ukraine government.

Example:  Confiscate a $200 million oligarch yacht, sell it to Hunter Biden (or Black Rock / Vanguard) for $50,000, give the $50k to Zelenskyy and then have Black Rock / Vanguard deposit $10 million in James Biden or DNC bank account.  {Page 52}

No, I’m not joking.  Sit down and read how they are legalizing this process.

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Nancy Portia Barberis
Nancy Portia Barberis
2 years ago


Ros Feldman
Ros Feldman
2 years ago

They’re democrats. There is no penalty. Except at tge ballot box. And even that is now questionable with the amount of cheating going on.

2 years ago

“We The Lemmings” approve the financial demise of our Republic.

2 years ago

This entire bill should have been thrown into the Dumpster along with the Jackasses that wrote it and the Morrons who signed it. Way to go dingbats keep selling out country down the river. Hope ya burn in Hell.