Nancy Pelosi Is So Delusional That She Actually Claims Voters Won’t Blame Democrats For High Gas Prices In November

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Pelosi and Schumer held a press conference this morning to blame oil and gas companies for the high prices of gas and to announce they’ve got some bill in the works that will force the American people to blame Republicans for not reining in the oil companies in November.

I watched some of the presser and as far as I can tell there were no specifics mentioned about this bicameral bill. There is a bicameral Democrat bill that was introduced in March that calls specifically for taxing oil companies and then redistributing that money as checks to the American people, but I don’t know if that’s what Pelosi and Schumer and talking about here.

But they did falsely accuse the oil and gas companies of price gouging for profit and not increasing production to keep the prices high, while not mentioning anything about Biden and how his administration has throttled the oil and gas industry with their green new deal agenda.

But this new bill, whatever it is, is supposed to make Republicans look like evil politicians who support these profiteering oil and gas companies and it will cause voters in November to love Democrats once again and keep them in power or something.

Fox News reporter Chad Pergram asked Pelosi about this lunacy, asking if she really believes voters won’t blame all of this on Democrats in the fall:

Pergram asked “do you think the public is blaming Democrats or will continue to blame Democrats…”

Pelosi responded “I don’t think the public is blaming Democrats. I think they’re blaming the oil companies…”

Pergram pressed: “But they won’t take that out on your side during the midterms even if you pass this bill and prices don’t get back to [garbled]”

Pelosi continued: “Why would we say that? I don’t think what you say is making very much sense… If the Republicans stand in the way of us freeing the consumer of the stranglehold of Big Oil, you think they’re going to blame that on the Democrats?”

Pelosi then points her finger at Pergram and says “You believe that. You believe that.”



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2 years ago

Those losers still do not get it! We are on to their lies and manipulations! It’s not going to work Schumer and Pelosi, because we’re on to you and no longer believe a word you say! Red psunami coming in November!

Jacques MerdeD
Jacques Merde
2 years ago

Nancy Pelosi, after a hard day or drinking,… er’ I mean work…

Dominion Votingsystems
Dominion Votingsystems
2 years ago

if they do blame you Nancerella, just ‘steal it’ Macron’s fraudulent election win in France shows nothing has been put in place for election fraud, cover it up with your Mafia News propaganda, everything seems to be fraudulently working, race back to DC, If you have to throw another couple rolls of razor sharp bobwire on your Iron Curtain that encircles DC