Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Vows US Will Move ‘Heaven & Earth’ To Defend Ukraine, Which May Lead To WWIII

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Pentagon Head Lloyd Austin has vowed to do everything it takes to give Kiev what it wants.

According to the Defense Secretary, the US will go to “heaven and earth” to provide Ukraine with the weapons it claims it requires to battle Russia, even if that means the start of WWIII.

He made the declaration on Tuesday at a gathering of 40 countries aimed at enlisting the support of Washington’s allies in the mission to shore up Ukraine’s defenses.

RT reports: Convened by the US at its German airbase Ramstein, the meeting’s official purpose was “to help Ukraine win the fight against Russia’s unjust invasion and to build up Ukraine’s defenses for tomorrow’s challenges,” in Austin’s words. “Ukraine clearly believes that it can win and so does everyone here,” he continued, speaking for the many US-allied nations present.

While saying that Washington, as the top-dollar donor to Kiev, will “keep moving heaven and earth so that we can meet” the needs of the Ukrainian government, Austin made it clear other countries would be expected to pony up.

Germany, which had previously pleaded scarcity, insisting its own army lacked sufficient weapons to send the surplus to Ukraine, has had a change of heart, according to Defense Minister Christine Lamprecht, who revealed Berlin would send used Gepard anti-aircraft tanks and purchase new equipment from German arms manufacturers to be shipped directly to the Ukrainian military.

Ukraine orders and Germany pays,” she pledged.

France will provide Caesar cannons, which have a range of up to 40km, while the UK has supplied Starstreak missiles and tanks. The US has stepped up its own heavy weapons deliveries, showering Kiev with howitzers and armored vehicles.

Austin nevertheless insisted the countries present do more to help. “Ukraine needs our help to win today and they will still need our help when the war is over,” he said. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has claimed his country needs $7 billion per month to compensate for “economic losses” allegedly caused by the Russian offensive. He has also asked for a whopping $50 billion from G7 countries, citing escalating financial demands on his government. The US has already sent over $3 billion in military aid this year alone.

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1 year ago

Lloyd Austin and others in Federal Government need to go to the Ukraine and stay there until their agenda is complete.