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Shocking Report: Germany And France Caught Selling Weapons To Russia Used In Ukraine War

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In a shocking report, the UK newspaper The Telegraph has reported European capitols are selling Russia weapons for use in the Ukrainian conflict, taking advantage of loopholes in sanctions to hypocritically accomplish.

Despite a 2014 EU decision on an arms embargo to Russia after it invaded Crimea, between 2015-2020 10 EU member states continued to supply it with 346 million euro’s worth of military equipment, 44% of which came from France and 35% from Germany, a March 17 report by the independent European news agency Investigate Europe found, reported The Telegraph.

The other countries were Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland, Spain and Croatia.

The equipment provided by France were labeled under the “bombs, rockets, torpedoes, missiles and explosive charges” category, as well as “imaging equipment, aircraft with their components and ‘lighter-than-air vehicles,’” Investigate Europe found.

Germany’s exports to Russia included icebreaker vessels, rifles and “special protection” vehicles. 

For their part, the Europeans are spinning the release, with different excuses for their behavior.

The Biden administration is still crowing about how it has ‘united NATO’.

Nothing could be further from the truth.


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2 years ago

Yea, NATO! stabbing each other in the back for 60+ years (on our dime)

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2 years ago

It never ceases to amaze me how stupid some of the world leaders are. Including ours.