Watch: Biden Slips, ‘Admits’ That He’s Not Running The Show And Has NO IDEA What’s Going On In His Own Administration

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While the President was visiting New Hampshire Joe Biden accidentally let the cat out of the bag.

Biden’s trip to New Hampshire was covered in clout, the administration was taking a beating. Their base was furious Biden wasn’t going to fight an evil Trump-appointed judge that ruled his mask mandate unconstitutional.

As the President loaded up on Air Force One Psaki held a press gaggle and tried to stop the bleeding.

A reporter asked, “On the mask mandate, why is the DOJ not appealing that?  And by not, do you — does the administration risk taking away some of your options for the future, especially if there’s some new variants?”

“Well, unless something’s happened when we got on the plane, I don’t think they’ve made any announcement at this point in time,” Psaki said. “So, as we’ve said, agencies are reviewing step — next steps, including the Department of Justice.  Traditionally following a court decision, that can take a couple of days.”

“We’ve said from the start that our COVID response should be guided by the science and data and by experts.  And just as a reminder, when we made this announcement, the CDC said it needed 15 days to assess the impacts of an uptick in cases on hospitalizations, deaths, and hospital capacity.  We feel — still feel that is entirely reasonable, based on the latest science, and public health decisions shouldn’t be made by the courts.  They should be made by public health experts. So, again, I can’t — I’m not going to get ahead of the Department of Justice.  We’ll let them make any decisions or announcements, but —”

The reporter interrupted, “So they might still appeal, is what you’re saying?”

“It typically — yeah, it typically takes a couple of days to review and make an assessment,” Psaki responded.

It was an attempt to calm the hysteria coming from the covidians who were panic-stricken about the mask mandate. But it was Joe Biden who really blew the lid off the debacle.

About an hour later Biden after touching down Joe was asked about the mask mandate and he replied that wearing a face-covering is now up to individual Americans counter to what Psaki had just said.

It amazes me that the two were on the same plane and they couldn’t get their talking points straight.

An hour later, Biden basically admitted he has no idea what was going on and that he hasn’t been told what to do yet.

After Joe delivered his speech a reporter asked Joe if his administration was going to appeal the decision and he answered that he hasn’t been briefed by the CDC yet and doesn’t know.

First, it’s the DOJ that represents the administration in court and they are the ones that would weigh if an appeal is worth it not the CDC. Second, how does he not know? He is the President of the United States Of America he’s the one that is supposed to make the decision regardless of the DOJ’s opinion.

In about a three-hour time period the Administration gave three completely different talking points about the mask mandate proving there is nobody driving this ship. Joe said that he didn’t know because he had no idea what was going on because somebody (or somebodies) are telling him what to do.

Later in the evening on the same day, somebody in the administration decided that they will appeal the ruling.

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1 year ago

Yet. Another deceptive headline by a media outlet! Getting to where every headline is just sensationalized to get clicks!!!
Getting fed up with the fakery!

Ed TroyerD
Ed Troyer
1 year ago

No such ‘administration’ as the ‘Biden Administration’. It’s been the Washington Sanhedrin/Kahal ever since the Reagan ‘trojan horse’ entered Washington, D.C. in January, 1981.

Robert WD
1 year ago

A well known “belief” that Demented Joe was not in charge, more than likely it’s either Obummer or Jill that’s running “OUR COUNTRY”!!!!!!

1 year ago

No wonder he wants to run again in 2024. He gets paid well for a do-nothing, know-nothing job.