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WATCH: ‘Progressive’ Californians Vote Overwhelmingly To BAN the Bible

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In a social experiment conducted by Mark Dice, ‘woke’ Californians in San Diego voted to outright ban the Bible when asked to sign a petition.

Many of their reactions will stun you:

This comes as a New York Times piece on Good Friday declared that ‘God is dead.’

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1 year ago

This is why California has gone to hell in a hand-basket! Anything goes in California.

Susan Birdsong
Susan Birdsong
1 year ago
Reply to  DianeC

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1 year ago

When God is kicked out of a place the people suffer, there is no prosperity, there is no justice or truth. Nothing good happens there.
The people who voted to reject the Bible, God’s Word, voted slavery for themselves and handed their State to Satan.

1 year ago
Reply to  bbb

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Ray Stewart
Ray Stewart
1 year ago

Maybe a better question would be to ban either the Bible or the koran.