WATCH: Biden And Kamala Just Got HUMILIATED By Saudi Arabia In Hilarious Saudi TV Sketch — The ENTIRE World Thinks They Are A JOKE

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Saudi state TV just ran a funny, SNL style program making fun of US president Joe Biden, one where he attempts to address the crisis in Ukraine but then wanders away from the podium, has to be prodded by the Kamala Harris character when he forgets what he’s supposed to be saying, and even falls asleep mid-sentence.

Watch that hilarious spoof of the Biden administration here:

The Jersusalem Post, reporting on the viral clip and what it’s meant to show, said:

A clip from Saudi Arabian television show Studio 22 began circulating on Twitter on Tuesday morning depicting US President Joe Biden as old and incapable. The minute-long clip pokes fun at US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

[…]The overarching theme of the clip is that President Biden is old. The character is obviously unaware of his surroundings and prone to falling asleep mid-sentence. Consequently, the audience sees Harris, played by a male actor in drag, telling the President what to say and do. At the end of the clip, Biden finally falls asleep and Harris literally puppets his unconscious body, screaming, “clap for the president!”

And indeed that is what it shows. In what’s meant to be satire but seems quite close to reality, the skit shows just how far gone Biden is mentally and how much the Biden Administration is having to do to prop him up and make him seem at least somewhat competent.

The dialogue from the skit (transcript provided by Mediaite) shows that too, with Biden’s gaffes and the repeated corrections adding to the realism of the skit and making it seem even more like an actual Biden press conference. Here’s the transcript:

BIDEN: Thank you very much. Today, we gotta talk about the crisis [in] Spain.

HARRIS: [taps him on the shoulder and whispers in his ear]

BIDEN: Yeah, we gotta talk about the crisis in Africa.”

HARRIS: [taps and whispers again]

BIDEN: Yeah Russia. And I wanna talk about President of Russia–[pauses].

HARRIS: [whispers]

BIDEN: Putin. Putin. Putin! Listen to me, I have [a] very important message to you. The message is [falls asleep and snores].

HARRIS: [nudges Biden awake]

BIDEN: And the president of China–

HARRIS: [whispers]

BIDEN: Oh, I didn’t finish Russia?

HARRIS: No, sir.

BIDEN: Thank you to correct me, First Lady.

HARRIS: [Covers mic, whispers]

BIDEN: Thank you very much. God bless you, and God bless [snores]

HARRIS: [Physically picking up Biden] Thank you all. Hallelujah! Clap to your president!

Our allies made fun of Trump when he was president, but not like this. They disliked Trump because he was strong and forced them to live up to their commitments, but didn’t lack all respect for him.

The same obviously can’t be said of Biden and Harris; their missteps and incompetence have made them, and thus the US as a whole, the laughing stock on the world stage. Now even our allies are mocking Biden and his failing brain mercilessly, something that doesn’t bode well for the future.

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1 year ago

The media tried to convince Americans that when Trump was president, he was hated by the rest of the world leaders. In reality, he was feared and respected by them. It is Biden and Harris that are the laughing stock of the world leaders. Only Biden’s fellow crooks who were taking laundered money coming out of Ukraine that like Biden. Thats why they are so pissed at Putin because he shut down their money supply.

Jacques MerdeD
Jacques Merde
1 year ago

The only thing the Saudis got wrong was not having a little child in the video for Pedo-Joe to sniff… If you guessed the little girl in this picture is Joe Biden’s daughter, you would be right…

Biden girl sick pedophile!.jpg
1 year ago

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