Breaking Video: At Least 15 Shot In Terrorist Attack On NYC Subway — Explosives Found

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Terror on a Brooklyn subway platform this Tuesday morning as a masked gunman shot multiple people before fleeing on foot. Details about the shooter or his motivations remain sketchy at this hour but we will update as we can.

Video and photos are being shared online, and Fox News aired some this morning, along with the other networks and outlets.


That footage is from the scene right after. This one starts right as the doors are opening.

This is a GRAPHIC photo but these individuals are not deceased. I would not post dead body photos knowingly.

Fox’s latest report is as many as 7 shot, up to 15 injured.



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Heather Eilerman
Heather Eilerman
1 year ago

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Last edited 1 year ago by Heather Eilerman
1 year ago

New York bows down to Satan. Satanic statues and carvings are all over the place, particularly in NYC. Nothing good happens there.
Remember when all of those night flights took an army of Bloody King Biden’s illegals to NYC? They are now engaged in the plan Soros ‘et al’ has in mind for all major US cities.
Try as it might, this government and Obama’s reign of terror keeps attempting to start an American civil war so it can call in UN peacekeepers – aka Chinese troops.
Those who fled NYC for freedom elsewhere are paying attention, I hope. When they vote, if they vote Democrat THIS is what they are voting for.
We are in a deadly spiritual battle of good versus evil in this nation.
Pray, people for God’s help and His miracles to preserve One Nation Under God on the North American continent.