Multiple States File Lawsuit Against Joe Biden Over His REFUSAL To Deport Illegal Aliens

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Alabama sued Biden over his refusal to deport illegal aliens and was joined by Florida and Georgia. The lawsuit alleges that DHS overreached on immigration policy which is arbitrary and capricious. They claim it is unconstitutional.

The lawsuit attempts to prevent immigration-related agencies such as ICE and CBP from following Biden’s fiats now and in the future.

Just the News reports:

The lawsuit alleges that the Biden administration’s immigration policy exceeds the authority of the Department of Homeland Security, is arbitrary and capricious, illegally bypassed notice and public commenting, and is unconstitutional.

They want a new policy ended. The policy was announced by Mayorkas and went into effect on November 29. It instituted sweeping changes to customs and immigration enforcement.

The AGs are asking the court to nullify the policy, and permanently prohibit DHS, CBP, ICE, and CIS from following it. They’re seeking a permanent injunction to end “the Biden Administration’s wholesale abdication of its statutory duties.”

They’re also asking the court to require the federal agencies to follow the existing immigration laws enacted by Congress.

It’s late in coming but at least they are suing now. Why isn’t every Republican governor signing on to this?

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1 year ago

Misappropriation of funds should be the start of it. Using tax dollars to transport illegal aliens throughout the country isn’t legal, yet they have been doing it. Ignoring federal judge orders is another charge. But this is all exactly what they want to happen.

1 year ago

I lived in the United States when illegal aliens didn’t exist in the U.S. and boy was it nice! People living in our neighborhoods were American citizens! No foreigner during that time period ever thought of entering illegally, and if they did, they hid! We had a great United States back then! All the menial jobs were taken by American citizens! I still remember white ladies cleaning our school bathrooms and the janitor was a white older man in middle school. In high school the janitor was an American of Mexican descent that knew English! The bus drivers in my high school days were white American woman and American women of Mexican descent, all American citizens! A relative told me that Mexican nationals would enter to work the farms and would leave the U.S. and go home to their country when their jobs were over. They would make enough money to go home and return to work only they needed money and they didn’t stay in the U.S. as they had families in Mexico. Only Americans and legal foreigners stayed in the U.S.