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CNN Is Crumbling: Brian Stelter Close To Being TERMINATED From Network After Board Call Him “Cancer” With A “Failing Show”

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The host of the barely-watched, “failing show”, Reliable Sources, might be on his way to TV Elba. Brian Stelter was allegedly dubbed a “cancer” by John Malone.

Jon Nicosia, President of News Cycle Media, tweeted: At a recent (informal) Discovery Board meeting (largest shareholder) John Malone referred to CNN’s Brian Stelter as a “cancer” and a “Zucker Henchman” that has “a failing show” – (more to come)…

That suggests his head and other heads will roll. He is not the only “cancer” or “Zucker Henchman” at the network. Nor is it the only failing show.

Stelter is also widely known as ‘Tater’ or the ‘Bald, Fat Guy’ by his many non-fans. His show is purposed to take down political opponents of the Democrat Party, especially Donald Trump. And it’s boring. He spent a lot of time distorting the Mueller probe, obsessing on Fox News, especially Tucker, and suppressing all bad news. He failed to notice it was driving his ratings down into the abyss.

In February, CNN couldn’t beat South Park reruns in the ratings, and Reliable Sources is at rock bottom of the rock bottom network.

Discovery now owns CNN and the largest shareholder John Malone has a lot of control of the network. He wants to restore it as a more neutral news network. He can’t do it with “Zucker Henchmen” still in place. They’ve lost all credibility.

“I would like to see CNN evolve back to the kind of journalism that it started with, and actually have journalists, which would be unique and refreshing. I do believe good journalism could have a role in this future portfolio that Discovery-TimeWarner’s going to represent.” Malone donated to Trump because he was ‘right’ in a number of ways, as he said.

Malone’s a Libertarian.

Ironically, Stelter recently complained that people were watching Joe Rogan instead of their so-called most trusted network for news. He failed to admit it’s because Rogan is trusted and he isn’t.

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Everyone at CNN (MSN, ABC, NBC, CBS & every other Leftist news network) should be terminated and their buildings razed to the ground. They are all liars, deceivers, race baiters & rabble rousers.