States Are Fighting Biden’s Release of Criminal Illegal Aliens Into Country After He Radically Increases It By 11 TIMES

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Several states are fighting Biden’s policy of releasing criminal illegal aliens into the country. It shouldn’t even be happening. It’s absurd that they have to sue. Biden’s administration has increased the release of illegal alien convicts eleven-fold in one state alone.

“The Biden administration has allowed a more than eleven-fold increase in the number of illegal immigrant convicts let out of Texas prisons and into the general U.S. population, despite federal immigration law requiring ICE to take convicts into custody after serving their time, usually in advance of deportation,” James Varney writes at RealClearInvestigations.

Agents halted their automatic requests to take custody of illegal alien convicts. It’s the new ICE policy – release barbarians into the general public.

The information comes from state-initiated litigation. This began soon after Joe Biden took office.

That’s in only one state.

“I’m appalled the Biden administration has adopted a policy of releasing alien drug cartel members, human traffickers, and child sex abusers onto American streets,” Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry said.

Landry joined Texas in the lawsuit.

Arizona, Ohio, and Montana are pursuing a similar lawsuit in Ohio.


One example of a person who gets released is repeat offender Guillermo Torres, who was serving a five-year sentence after violating parole for smuggling more than 50 pounds of drugs.

Torres is a member of the Mexicles, a street gang with ties to drug cartels.

Also avoiding deportation was Ruben De Leon, who had served five years for a 2016 conviction for intoxicated assault with a vehicle and serious bodily injury.

Both men are now free and no one knows where they are.

Juan Marroquin was being released after serving two years for molesting a 3-year-old and violating the terms of his probation. Fortunately, he was deported.

Jose Lara-Lopez, who served two years for sexually assaulting a 16-year-old, was released because of the new policy.


It will get a lot worse when a new Biden policy goes into effect on May 23rd.  All illegal aliens will be quickly released after tax dollars are used to fund, shelter, and provide travel to wherever they want to go. Oh, and we’ll give them cell phones.

The cartels will control the border after May 23rd. This is an extreme national security threat. Where is the urgency from our political class to match the threat? They are worried about Ukraine’s sovereignty but now ours.

Title 42 will end on May 23rd.

Border Patrol Union President Brandon Judd said 240 miles of the southern border are “left completely open” at any given time, leaving criminal cartels opportunities for drug or human trafficking.

“We are ultimately going to wave the white flag of surrender. The cartels are going to control our borders.

“They’re going to create gaps in our coverage and going to cross more of their drugs, their fentanyl — and more of our U.S. citizens are going to die simply because this administration doesn’t want to give the proper policies to protect U.S. citizens.”

And we know the administration doesn’t care if they’re criminals.

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2 years ago

If there is a reason to remove this puppet from Office——this is it! The wayward Puppet is doing anything he can to destroy the United States!

2 years ago

This is a travesty of our legal immigration laws. Why is the federal gov. allowed to disregard the Laws of our Country?

2 years ago

Time to gather up (what’s left of) our Military, send them to the border and bomb the s**t out of these illegal invaders. Letting this illegal, 3rd world trash into the country is a disaster waiting to happen. How many more Legal U.S. citizens have to be murdered and raped before someone puts a stop to this invasion???????? I hope, I JUST HOPE some of these illegal invaders make their way to the homes of Biden and the DemoRats and f**k them all up.