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UK Gov’t Bribing Doctors With Cash Payments For Every Person They Get To Take ‘Sex-Change’ Hormone Therapy Drugs

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The British government appears to be determined to increase the country’s growing transgender population.

When family doctors in the United Kingdom administer hormone-altering sex-change medications to transgender patients, the government will provide them cash incentives.

According to The Times of London, GPs in Sussex will receive £178 per year in taxpayer money for each person they sign up to take “cross-sex hormone therapy” and an additional £91 per year for annual health checks for transgender, non-binary, and intersex (TNBI) patients under the trial scheme, which began last week.

Concerns have been expressed, according to The New York Times, about the release of potent medications without concomitant mental health care. Those who are biological males will be given estrogen medications, while those who are biological females will be given testosterone.

Via Breitbart: A transgender advocate, Debbie Hayton, who underwent a medical “transition” in 2012, said that no matter the intention, the scheme will see more people placed on hormone-altering substances, describing the system as “desperate measures for desperate times”.

When I transitioned I had an hour with a therapist every week for months,” Hayton said. “That’s what I needed to understand myself. An annual review is a pale shadow of that.”

A document seen by The Times reportedly said that the trial scheme in Sussex is “not designed to promote the initiation of hormonal treatment in general practice”, however, it also said that the distribution and the decision to begin hormone therapy will be “at the discretion of the individual GP”.

In order to be qualified for the scheme, doctors will merely be required to take a two and a half hour online training session. The programme is set to run in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, and West Sussex for the next three years.

The stated purpose of providing financial incentives for doctors to take on more transgender sex therapy cases is to take some strain off dedicated gender clinics, such as the Tavistock Centre in London.

The radical LGBT activist group Stonewall praised the programme, saying: “With enough capacity and training, schemes like this could ensure trans people can access the specialist care they need in their local community and without the lengthy wait.”

“Transgender, non-binary and intersex (TNBI) people experience significant health inequalities — something we are committed to tackling,” a spokeswoman for Sussex Commissioners added.

Gender clinics focussing on sex reassignment have been overwhelmed by a massive increase of people seeking treatment over the past five years, with a 240 per cent increase during the time span.

The trend of rising transgender cases has also been seen among children, with a 20 per cent increase seen among minors seeking to change their gender since the introduction of lockdowns in 2020.

There has been a growing debate over the ethics of providing life-altering hormone therapies to children, with an interim review by former President of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, Dr Hilary Cass, finding that many doctors are afraid of challenging leftist orthodoxy surrounding gender issues.

The full report, which will likely have an impact on the government’s gender policies going forward, is set to be published later this year.

The former governor of the Tavistock Centre, Dr David Bell, has also been critical of gender clinics being too quick to assume young girls are transgender if they display tomboy traits or for not liking the colour pink or playing with dolls.

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