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Biden Admin To Give New Smartphone App to Illegal Immigrants To Help Them Get In To U.S. Quicker And Steal Free Medical Care From American Veterans

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The Biden administration is in talks to provide a smartphone app to illegal migrants to pre-register for processing while they are still in Mexico and before they have crossed the US border illegally, according to a Fox News report.

The US is bracing for a record flood of illegal aliens when Joe Biden lifts President Trump’s Title 42 border protection order.

Border officials are looking at 350,000 to 500,000 illegals the first month alone when the Biden regime lifts Title 42. It is pure insanity.

According to FOX News reporter Hillary Vaughn, the Biden administration is moving doctors from the Veterans Department to help migrants at the border when the agents will be occupied by half a million illegals ready to storm the open border.

Border Patrol agents are speaking out against this leftist insanity saying, “Veterans can’t get medical attention but we’re going to give free medical attention to illegal migrants.

Vaughn also reported that the Biden Administration is in talks to roll out a smartphone app that will do pre-screening before they show up at a port of entry. Vaughn added, “While that may help them get processed faster it will create a backlog on the other side of the border.”

This is all pure insanity. The Biden regime has no idea what they are doing. Or worse yet, they do know what they are doing. They know this will destroy the country. Maybe that is their plan? It’s hard to see it any other way.

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Ros Feldman
Ros Feldman
1 year ago

Time to rise up and scream for Trump to be reinstated….especially as it was stolen from him in the first place.

1 year ago

I just hope the Minutemen and woman rise up to stop this! Or will the Democrats arrest all of them?

1 year ago

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I’m sick to death of these parasitic, illegal invaders coming into this country and stealing from the Legal U.S. citizens.
The Military should be called to the border and start firing missiles at the invaders. That’s the only way to make them understand they are not welcome here.