Trump says in new statement “Just out that the 2016 Clinton Campaign and the DNC paid the FEC today for violating the law”

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Moments ago, former President Trump tweeted “Breaking News: Wow! Just out that the 2016 Clinton Campaign and the DNC paid the FEC today for violating the law by failing to disclose that their payments for “legal advice and services” to law firm Perkins Coie was, in fact, a guise to hire numerous companies, all of whom are now named Defendants in my lawsuit, to try and take down illegally destroy your favorite President, me.”

“This was done to create, as I have stated many times, and is now confirmed, a Hoax funded by the DNC and the Clinton Campaign,” Trump continued.

“This corruption is only beginning to be revealed, is un-American, and must never be allowed to happen again. Where do I go to get my reputation back? Trump concludes.


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2 years ago

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Timothy Colbath
Timothy Colbath
2 years ago

For the 3 that claim this is fake news – SURPRISE – it is in fact true. The FEC fined Clinton’s campaign just under $10K and the DNCC over $100K for lying on financial reports related directly to the creation of the “Russian dossier”. It was bought and paid for by Clinton and the DNCC to slander Trump with 100% fabricated lies.