WATCH: Trump Utterly Destroys Biden’s Foreign Policy Disasters — ‘He’s Destroying Our Country Because He’s An Idiot’

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How has Joe Biden done on foreign policy issues? Not great, so far.

First there was the Colonial Pipeline hack, a hack that shut down America’s ability to move certain petroleum products to a large degree and to which Biden responded by doing…nothing of note. Don’t think Putin didn’t notice his contemptible weakness.

Then there was the disastrous, humiliating rout from Afghanistan. During that rout, we left billions in equipment behind and Trump called the key general involved in that, General Milly, “a F***ing idiot.” So that was a disaster, and another example of America’s weakness under slow Joe.

And now things have gotten the worst they’ve been in a long time. Russia has invaded the Ukraine, Belarus seems poised to intervene, foreign leaders supposedly aren’t taking Biden’s calls, and the dollar as a reserve currency seems like it’s on its way out.

Looks like former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates was right when he said Biden “has been wrong on nearly every major foreign-policy and national-security issue over the past four decades” and that Obama was right when he saidDon’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up.”

Well, former President Donald Trump was asked about Biden’s foreign policy record by Fox Business’s Stuart Varney.

Varney first asked Trump about an Iran deal, saying “What do you think happens just a few months or a year down the road if we go back into that Iran nuke deal and they get a chance of a bomb?

Trump, not hesitating and criticizing Biden’s Iran deal idea quite strongly, said:

Well, it’s the end of Israel if that happens. Israel is – I don’t think Israel could actually let it happen.” 

“It is the worst deal, and also, you’re gonna see nukes all over the Middle East; everyone else is gonna get them too.”

“It will be the end, because if they have ’em, Saudi Arabia’s gonna get ’em, and everyone else is gonna get ’em, and how can you tell ’em not to do it?

Varney, following up on that, incredulously asked “So, why is Biden doing it?

Trump, never missing an opportunity to tear into Biden, said “Because he’s stupid, OK. Cause he’s stupid. And because they’re stupid. And they shouldn’t be in power anyway. But they’re destroying our country, and they may be ultimately responsible for destroying the world.”

Trump also said that Putin wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine if he were still president, saying:

The cards are played, the cards are set and he has a very bad hand. He’s given himself a very weak hand.”

“This would never, ever have happened if I were still in there. I can tell you that with 100% certainty.

Further, hitting Biden for his weakness on the issue, Trump said When he goes in and kills thousands, are we just going to just sit by and watch? In a hundred years, they’ll be talking about what a travesty this is.”

Watch that here (also, image credit to this video):

It was a devastating takedown of Biden’s foreign policy, one that brilliantly wrecked Biden’s bumbling abroad.

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Jacques MerdeD
Jacques Merde
1 year ago

never were truer words spoken…