WWIII Is Fast Approaching As Biden Deploys THOUSANDS of Troops to Australia In Preparation Of ‘Giant War’ With China

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According to reports, President Biden has deployed thousands of US troops to Australia in preparation for a “giant war” with China in the next year.

According to the Daily Mail, “the contingent is part of an ongoing US initiative in the Indo-Pacific region to prepare for a possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan in the coming years.”

A total of 1000 marines have already arrived in Australia, according to the report. reports: Australian Defence Minister Peter Dutton warned Wednesday that Beijing may look to annex Taiwan while the eyes of the world are on the conflict in Ukraine.

China has signalled that it could use nuclear weapons in response to the AUKUS security pact between Australia, America and Britain, which sees the former receiving nuclear powered submarines in years to come.

Meanwhile, Nato head Jens Stoltenberg announced Tuesday that China must “clearly condemn” the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“China has an obligation as a member of the UN Security Council to actually support and uphold international law and the Russian invasion of Ukraine is a blatant violation of the international law,” Stoltenberg declared.

The U.S. also declared this week that China will ‘face consequences’ if it supports Russia evading sanctions.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian responded but saying “the US … creating and spreading false information”.

Joe Biden yesterday signed off on $13.6 billion going to Ukraine from ‘security assistance’.

Russia has signalled that any country seen to be helping Ukraine will be considered as entering the conflict.

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Donald Nicholas
Donald Nicholas
1 year ago

Biden leads from behind and even after something happens, he’s still doesn’t necessarily do or say the right thing. Rest assured any action in the far East will have been cleared by a General Milley’s phone call to his CCP counterparts. Another certainty, all troops will fully vaccinated, indoctrinated and accepting of the wait for transsexuals recovering from reassignment surgery.

Last edited 1 year ago by Donald Nicholas
1 year ago

Its a lame pussy show. He only sent 2,200 troops. You cant go to war with Rhode Island with only 2,200 troops. Its a news splash or distraction.

1 year ago

That’s nowhere near Ukraine.
War with China? Why? They got Bloody King Biden elected and he’s in their hip pockets with CCP advisors in DC.
Gack. What a crock!
This Wag the Dog World War III script is ridiculous and getting to be wearisome. Nobody likes China. Nobody likes Russia and nobody likes Biden. All of them are conspiring with the wealthy moguls engineering the Great Re-Set to establish the New World Order.
Their problem is, they didn’t ask God about this plan.
This NWO reset stuff is about 50 years ahead of its time. The One World Government led by the Anti-Christ is a whole different ballgame. In that era the wealthy moguls go down like ripe wheat under a columbine.
But, what’s wrong with Australia’s troops – too many vaxes? American troops are not one bit better off – many are dying from the mandated shots and it’s being covered up.
Yet another crazy, insane unbelievable move to spend the US into oblivious I guess.
Pray, people for God’s help to save America. Time is growing short.

Last edited 1 year ago by bbb