WATCH: Kamala Goes On RAMBLING Tangent During DNC Retreat And Basically Puts Ukraine in NATO Alliance

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Kamala Harris is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but how they let her keep speaking extemporaneously is truly beyond me. Her disastrous remarks at the Democrat retreat she said the United States will stand with Ukraine “in defense of the NATO alliance.”

Way to just hand Putin his talking points on a silver platter, Kam.

And that’s not all. She then tells this rambling story about how applause is extremely helpful to refugees.


She has no idea what she’s talking about or what’s going on. Complete cringe.

This is a humiliating time for our country on the world stage. I can’t even stand to look sometimes.



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Jethro d'BeaudinD
Jethro d'Beaudin
1 year ago

I guess that answers the question. Yes, you can bring pot on Air Force 2.

Tanya R Makela
Tanya R Makela
1 year ago

Kamala will have her day when carma gets her and the rest of them unfair unjustified and theives of our election, they’re having their cake and eating it because they know what’s coming for them,,can’t wait