‘Moms for America’ President Sounds The Alarm On CRT In Schools: They Are Teaching Children To ‘Hate Their Country’

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The President and Founder of ‘Moms for America’ has issued a warning about the dangers of Critical Race Theory (CRT), which she argues goes well beyond racial issues.

CRT, according to Kimberly Fletcher, is a Marxist ideology that tries to separate children from their parents and teaches them to despise their nation.

Breitbart reports: Speaking to Breitbart News at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida, Fletcher spoke about the dangers of CRT and the impact it is designed to have on children. This is why, she explained, her organization joined the People’s Convoy, debuting their own Moms for America truck.

“The whole reason we’re doing our truck is because of the mandate. It’s not even just the mask or vaccine, it’s what’s happening in our classrooms — this draconian mentality from the White House to the school board, and we’ve been facing this in our communities for several years, but now moms are starting to realize,” Fletcher said.

“As I’ve said for the last 16 years, the moment moms find out what’s going on in the classroom behind closed doors, there’s going to be a national revolt, and that’s what’s happening,” she said.

“And the message of our truck is, they are our kids. These are our freedoms. You serve us, we don’t serve you, and that’s a message that resonates with the American people,” Fletcher continued, explaining the dangers of CRT, which leftists are pushing in schools.

“This whole thing about CRT, is people need to understand exactly what it is that we’re dealing with because Critical Race Theory isn’t about race. Critical Race Theory is part of ‘social emotional learning’ that teacher unions are pushing and the whole idea is to teach children to hate their country, hate their neighbors, hate themselves, and be disconnected from their parents,” she said, explaining it goes far beyond race relations. Rather, CRT is “creating race problems” by attempting to divide children. It also includes the LGBT movement as well as the transgender agenda.

“Everything that parents would repel is being pushed from kindergarten to 12th grade, and parents don’t like it. And so that’s why they started going to the school boards, and then they get called domestic terrorists, and so we’re like no,” she said.

“So this truck that’s going across the country is a clear message that again these are our kids, we will come to the school board meetings, we will protect and defend our children. And if that makes us domestic terrorists, well then, we have an awful lot of founding fathers who were domestic terrorists,” she quipped.

She also spoke about President Biden’s job performance, describing him as more of a puppet than an actual leader. She also blasted the left’s attempts to divide the country.

“As a military wife I can tell you, I know rule number one of conquering a people,” she said. “You divide them first.”

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seth rich
seth rich
1 year ago

It’s all about destroying western civilization and make the world Marxist. And it’s working.

1 year ago

more nonsense. that woman needs to worry about real issues . schools teach nothing anyway.

1 year ago

And they are teaching black kids it is ok to attack white people with violence